What is the best diet plan for me?

"This short quiz is designed to help you discover what is the best diet plan
according to your present lifestyle, eating habits and customs..."

belly fat diet

Use a piece of paper to write down the letter that corresponds to the answer best suited to you.
Take your time, and if you get stuck try to imagine yourself in that situation, whether it be at a party, restaurant, or eating with the family.

Part 1: Food Preferences

1. For your main meals do you eat mostly...

a) Meat, Fish and sometimes eggs
b) Anything. Sometimes you reduce portion sizes to lose weight.
c) Pasta, potatoes, rice & bread
d) Just thinking about preparing food overwhelms you, so you usually just snack.

2. For breakfast...

a) You enjoy yogurt & fruit, and sometimes on the weekends you will treat yourself to bacon and eggs. Cereals or bread (for breakfast) is not really your thing.
b) You eat a lot at breakfast. Cereals and/or bread, a variety of cold-meats, marmalade... anything you like.
c) You have a busy schedule so usually just a coffee, or some cereals with milk.
d) Usually you don't have breakfast, perhaps a little fruit at brunch.

3. How much do you know about nutrition?

a) Even though you know that meat and most dairy products are less healthy than fruit you don't eat any less of them.
b) You're not overly concerned about how many calories are in food, what concerns you is that it tastes nice.
c) You try not to eat too many salty things, like french fries, crisps and salted nuts, but your willpower dissolves when faced with delicious sweets and pastries.
d) A lot of times you consider the fat & calorie content of food and that influences your decision as to whether you will buy or eat it.

4. If you could choose a type of food to eat without limit or consequences
it would be ...

a) Chops, steaks, chicken & grilled or roasted meats.
b) A little bit of everything so you don't get bored.
c) Just leave me in the sweets section of the deli please!
d) Not sure...

5. Your perfect supper/dinner (latest meal)?

a) Everything you enjoy: Steak, prawns, exotic salads. No desert thanks.
b) You try everything and eat what you like, but there will usually be some food left on your plate when you have finished eating.
c) After such a stressful day you allow yourself to eat what you like and even have 2 helpings of desert.
d) You will try a little, but will order a starter salad without sauce. French fries will be avoided, as you don't want to ruin the diet.

6. What would one find in your 'secret draw' at work?

a) Sometimes nuts, perhaps a sandwich and cold meats or even some french fries.
b) Usually just salted nuts or maybe some other snacks.
c) Chocolates sweets and biscuits.
d) Maybe some mints, or lozenges.

Part 2 (best diet plan): Your Eating Habits

1. Do you eat 3 times a day or more?

a) Usually breakfast, lunch & supper.
b) You enjoy eating well and won't skip a main meal. If you're hungry in the late evening you'll also eat something.
c) You eat irregularly. Some days you eat a lot and others hardly anything until supper/dinner.
d) Often you'll skip a meal, or take a health snack as a substitute. You can control your hunger and it's rare that you'll slip up.

2. Is it difficult for you to follow a strict diet?

a) You have problems following a diet plan if there's nobody to help you.
b) Even though you don't like to be told what & how much to eat you will listen to the advice of professionals.
c) Until now diet plans haven't worked for you due to the time required for shopping and preparation.
d) You need clear set plans in order for you to master a diet regimen.

3. You've had a stressful day at work and your partner is not talking to you. What do you have for supper?

a) It doesn't matter, as long as it's quick and painless.
b) You cook something nice and allow yourself a glass of wine to destress.
c) In these circumstances only french fries, chocolate, popcorn and a good movie will help.
d) You try not to eat out of frustration, but it's not always possible.

4. Sport, according to you, is...

a) A nice diversion.
b) Torture.
c) I don't have the time for sport!
d) A good way to burn calories.

5. What do you expect from a diet?

a) That it's easy to follow and not boring.
b) It mustn't have too many restrictions, should be varied, and won't leave you feeling hungry.
c) It shouldn't stress me, or deprive me just because I want something sweet to eat.
d) That it will allow you to lose weight quickly so that you can fit into those jeans.

6. What is food to you?

a) The most important is that it's tasty, and if it's healthy as well then all the better.
b) You enjoy eating, and dinner with friends sounds like the perfect plan.
c) You notice that eating reduces your frustration and stress.
d) A times you are very hungry or want something special, but if you lose control you feel bad.

Now sum up the total number of a's, b's, c's and d's for Part 1
and do the same for Part 2.

Test results:

Part 1: Food Preferences

A is the majority: The Carnivore

You can't resist chops, steaks and a good BBQ. If you want to lose weight a Low Fat High Protein Diet is best suited to your lifestyle.
With a high protein diet you will be able to eat lean meats, grilled or steamed fish, and other filling foods that are rich in proteins. Avoid foods like bread, potatoes and simple sugars (sweets, biscuits and pastries), rather eat complex carbohydrates to keep a constant level of glucose in your blood.
Eat vegetables, legumes and fruits to obtain vitamins, minerals, water and fibre and drink plenty of water to help the kidneys eliminate waste from protein metabolism.

B is the majority: I Eat Anything

You like the variety and enjoyment of eating and trying new foods and different recipes. This is good, so long as you exercise. You need a combined diet and exercise plan that will fulfil your needs and allow a few treats as rewards for working out. See our Free Diet Exercise Programs.
Note: You will need to be honest and analyze if you eat this way because of anxiety issues. Avoid dinner excesses, and watch your alcohol consumption.

C is the majority: The Sweet Tooth

You need sweet things, and you can't go a day without eating carbohydrates. If you don't enjoy sweets that much then you will crave bread, potatoes, cereals, etc.
Your best diet plan is the Low Fat Diet Plan.

This type of diet will keep you energized and awake without craving chocolate or pasta all day long. It is really important that you learn to choose low glycemic index foods (good carbs) that will fill you up sooner and also won't elevate your glucose levels sending you desperately searching for more sugar.

D is the majority: The Salad Queen

You are an amateur dietitian You know which foods are low in calories and which are the foods
you have to avoid at all costs. You are familiar with all the new diets and know how to lose weight but not how to maintain it. Your metabolism is altered by this constant weight 'sliding', you have entered a vicious circle that you need to brake if you want to lose weight and keep it off in the long term.

You need a customized diet plan that will suit your body and your genetics, like a metabolic diet plan. It is also important to exercise more rather than only eating less to lose weight.
Our recommended metabolic diet program: Diet Solution Program

Part 2: Your Eating Habits

A is the majority: The “Carefree” one.

Congratulations! You have a very healthy attitude towards food.
Perhaps you need to learn a bit more about the different food categories to control your diet and make it healthier. Visit nutrition guidelines to find out the different food categories. This will give you variety in your diet and motivate you to reach your goals. Don't forget to exercise at least 4 days a week.

B is the majority: The “Connoisseur”

You enjoy eating and life has little meaning if you can't enjoy it with wine, good food and
great company. You can eat well without starving or gaining weight. Learn how to choose and
Indulge your creativity and join an Asian or vegetarian cooking school for some more ideas about healthy but tasty recipes.
Invest in a good quick-steamer pot, a kitchen grill or an oven. Exercise weekly and enjoy walking, yoga and pilates.

C is the majority: The “Anxious” one.

Your life is very stressful. Slow down or you'll give yourself a heart attack (even if you exercise
a lot). Sleeping more will help you to lose weight without the need for dieting.

I would suggest that you keep a journal of everything you eat and why you eat it. You will probably notice that a lot of the time you are not hungry and merely eat out of boredom, anxiety or frustration. Write down your exercise routines and you will find that you maybe aren't burning as many calories as you thought. Cardiovascular exercise will lessen anxiety and help to relax you. You can also improve sleep with relaxation and proper breathing.

D is the majority: The “Dietician”

When you are about to order food in a restaurant you first think of the calories.
In your wardrobe you have different clothes sizes, because your weight fluctuates. You know
how to lose kilos in little time, but not how to keep it off long term.

Advice: Leave quick restrictive diets alone. You need to lose weight with a flexible and long term diet plan. Exercising will help you to jump start your metabolism, especially if you concentrate on gaining lean muscle mass.


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