What is my ideal weight - List of height weight tables

You will find a number of resources on this site to help determine 'what is my ideal weight'. The answer is sometimes not that straightforward as there are considerations like body shape, muscle composition, height, weight and waist size.

Use the height weight tables, BMI calculator chart and body shape questionnaire to determine your correct weight for height ratio:

The BMI calculator chart has both imperial and metric options. You can use it to calculate whether you fall above or below the average healthy BMI score. Please note that this is not accurate for children or the elderly. Also people with a high muscle percentage should also use the body shape questionnaire and chart in conjunction with the BMI calculator chart.

Visit the BMI calculator chart.

The correct weight for height is a graphical presentation of the BMI calculator and can be used in the same way to determine how overweight or underweight one is.

correct weight for height

Compare your height and waist measurements with the body shape tables and use the 'body shape questionnaire' to get an even better indication of how healthy your weight is.

body shape questionnaire


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