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What is my ideal weight & ideal waist size? Find the answers below in our What is my body shape questionnaire..."

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By comparing waist and height measurements you can get a good indication of your body shape and whether your waist dimension is a healthy size for your height.

Note: The body shape chart is a handy addition to the BMI calculator chart (Body Mass Index) because the BMI chart can be unaccurate for large boned or muscular people (it may show as overweight).

To determine your body shape take your height/waist measurement and plot where they fall on the Ashwell® shape chart to the right. Then answer the body shape questionnaire below.

Excess weight around the middle coincides with an 'apple body shape' while a pear shape body will have excess weight mostly around the hips.
: An apple shape body has greater health risks than a pear shape body.

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What is my body shape questionnaire:
The four body shapes

Brown zone = Chili Body Shape

Answer these questions:
Is your body shape the same now as when you were a teen?
Can your body shape be described as boyish, wiry, or having baby fat?
Are you the youngest looking member of your family?
Did you mature later on in life?

If you answered yes to most of the above questions then this means you probably have a thin or chilli body shape.
Important: Even if you are not overweight you still need to take care of your health. You should exercise more regularly, do toning and posture exercises and eat healthier.

Green zone = Pear Shape Body

Men answer this: Are your shoulders wider than your hips? Do you carry your weight in your tummy and chest area, including your back? Are your legs strong and firm?

Women answer this: Is your excess fat stored mostly in the thighs and hips area? Do you have firm strong legs?

The pear shape body is usually a healthy shape. Excess fat is stored under the skin (for women around the bottom, hips and thighs) which is less harmful to health than the characteristics of the apple body shape.

Yellow zone = Combination Apple / Pear Shape Body

Men and women answer this:
Are your shoulders and hips both the same width and in proportion to each other?
Do you gain weight evenly throughout your body?

A pear / apple shape body signifies that you need to take better care. Try not to gain more weight, especially if your measurements tend towards the apple body shape.
You will need to exercise more often and eat healthier.

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Red zone = Apple Body Shape

Men answer this: Are your shoulders narrower than your hips? Is the majority of your excess weight in your abdominal area?
Women answer this: Is the majority of your excess weight is in your upper thighs and your buttocks?

You most likely have an apple body shape. Excess fat is stored deep below the skin in the stomach area.
Warning: Be careful as this can increase your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, type II diabetes and certain types of cancer. You need to take action now!
You need to follow a more disciplined exercise and nutrition program.

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We hope our "What is my body shape questionnaire" has helped. If you are considering a healthier lifestyle it's good to have a starting point to compare your progress.
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