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Is it possible to make healthier food choices at Wendys?
Yes, we have selected some items from the Wendys nutrition facts chart (get your free chart just below) that are lower in calories and fat, but still tasty.

With smart food choices it's possible cut hundreds of calories from meals. And if you can still be satisfied at the end of the meal where's the harm?
And consider this: The more selective everyone is with their food choices the more motivation for fast food restaurants to provide healthier tasty menus.

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(Note: Isabel is a nutritionist that knows a lot about smart eating choices. She and Jeff have researched a fat loss plan with ideas on how to make small diet corrections to burn fat and keep it off.)

One of the nice inclusions in the Wendys nutrition chart is that it shows items containing allergens (egg, fish, milk, soy, wheat and nuts) and foods that may have been prepared in oils containing allergens.

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Note: For most meals their nutritional values are listed by individual components. If at first glance it seems too good to be true, it probably is...

Some tips from Wendys nutritional information chart

Of course a good option is the Mandarin chicken salad. It has 180 calories and 2 grams of fat, and no food items contain allergens. So what other healthy eating ideas can we get from Wendys nutrition chart?

1) A salad can be a smart choice, however, you should be aware that the salad dressings can contain even more calories than the salad and certainly a lot more fat. For example, the Thousand Island salad dressing contains 290 calories, 28 grams of fat and 530 mg Sodium. A good idea is to sprinkle lightly with low fat dressings, or vinegar and olive oil.

wendys nutritional information chart

2) The grilled chicken fillet sandwich is a healthier choice as the chicken would not have been fried. If you add your own dressing you could keep the calories well below 300 and the fat content to around 4 grams.

3) The baked potato with sour cream and chives (320 calories) is a healthier alternative to fries. It's tasty, really filling and low in fat and sodium.

4) The large Chili, with only 280 calories, would seem to be a healthy choice however with 1240mg of Sodium it's border line.

5) Wendy's mandarin orange cup (80 calories and 0 grams fat) is a popular addition to the menu. Who would have thought, fruit at a fast food restaurant?! But it's tasty, nutritional, helps you digest, and I think we can class it as a dessert.

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Other low calorie Wendy's menu options:

  • Wendy's Plain baked potato has 270 calories, 0g fat and is very filling.
  • The ultimate chicken grill sandwich has 320 Calories and 7 grams of fat and the grilled chicken wrap has 250 calories and 10 grams of fat.
  • The small Chili contains only 190 calories and 6g of fat. It's a bit high in Sodium (830mg) but passable as an occasional treat.
  • A premium caesar salad without chicken has 90 calories and 220 calories with grilled chicken

Beware: The Southwest taco salad has 640 calories and 39 grams of fat, and the bold buffalo boneless wings contain 520 calories, 18 grams of fat and 2630 mg sodium!

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Hopefully you can use the Wendys nutrition facts chart and nutritional information to better use.
Now navigate from Wendys nutrition facts to fast food nutrition facts.
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