Top ten reasons to exercise...

"Many people need to be reminded about the benefits of exercise.
These top ten reasons to exercise should help..."

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Changing eating habits, exercising, dieting, training the mind's relationship with food, etc. these are all great things to do to achieve a healthy body. But why do it?
As strange as it may sound many people need to be reminded as to why they need to do these things...

When we want to eat, it's difficult to keep a cool head and remember we must control ourselves, but why should we learn to control ourselves or exercise more often?

Feeling and looking good = learning to love yourself. The equation is reversible but only achievable with a healthy body and mind.
When you live healthier you will feel happier too.

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Here are the Top ten reasons to exercise and achieve a healthy weight:

1) Go to a sandy beach and play with your kids. Wear your bathing costume with confidence, swim in the sea at your leisure, then return to the towel, and allow the sun to dry you slowly.

2) Your body will burn more calories... muscle burns 30 to 50 calories per pound at rest each day whereas a pound of fat burns only three calories per day. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn.

3) Flexibility. How do you feel when you bend over to tie your shoes? If you're starting to grunt and groan then this is an area where exercise can help.

4) Long term health care. It's not always about living in the moment and looking good for right now. Good nutrition and sports long-term health investment.

5) Walk into your favorite stores and buy whatever clothes you like. Find boots that zip up smoothly, and tight fitting clothes that flaunt your figure.

6) How many more times must you alter your engagement ring to fit your finger? Or did you just stop wearing it like many people do?

7) Photos. Happy with the way you look in those holiday/birthday photos? How will you feel looking at uncomplimentary wedding photos of yourself in years to come?

8) Look better naked (for you and your partner). Lie down and not notice any "folds".

9) You won't have to avoid plastic chairs at social gatherings... or calculate which chairs are more resistant to you sitting on them.

10) Holiday with the family and do what you want. Bathe in the pool, got to the turkish baths or water slides amusement park without anyone staring at you.

Hopefully these Top ten reasons to exercise will be your catalyst to a healthy happy future.
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