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When we go to the gym one of our main goals is to burn belly fat and tone the abdominal muscles, the truth is that all of us aspire to have a flat stomach. However achieving this is sometimes like the search for the Holy Grail, so take these tips and make the best of your routines to achieve excellent results:

  • The most effective method of burning stubborn belly fat and toning abdominal muscles is a combination of both healthy eating and aerobic exercise half an hour a day, four times a week.
  • Vary the types of ABS exercises for optimum results (obliques, upper abdominals, lower abdominals, etc). Realize that the best muscle toning is taking place when you're feeling tired.
  • Do alternate day abdominal routines and allow sufficient time for rest to let the muscles recover and grow.
  • At the end of each session do stretching exercises while the muscles are still warm. Hold each stretching position for twenty seconds and then relax.

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The secret to toning abdominal muscles is consistency and good technique. Whether on an exercise mat in your home, or in the gym, it's important that you begin right now.

The best routine for toning abdominal muscles

This abdominal exercise, as opposed to common abdominal exercises, is an exercise that is done standing and balancing, and although it may not be the most orthodox, I can tell you that it is very effective.

To do execute this exercise properly requires balance and coordination.

  • Stand with your legs slightly wider than your shoulder width. Then clasp your hands on your chest.
  • Once you're in that position concentrate all your body weight on one leg. Now lift the other leg up keeping it as straight as possible, while accompanying the motion by lifting your hands up and over your head.
  • Return to the starting position and repeat with the other leg

Do the exercise several times to strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles.
Note: This is not an exercise of power, but rather core balancing and toning.

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getting slim fat burning

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