The best exercise for ABS?

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best exercise for ABS

Wouldn't it be great to be able to work a muscle and burn fat from that exact site, but it really is not possible. Many people make 2 wrong assumptions: a) they think that by doing abdominal exercises you they will burn fat in that area, and b) the muscles of the abdomen are a single muscle.

Unfortunately you can not tell the body where it should burn fat. During exercise fat is burned throughout the body. For men the hardest to burn is the abdominal area, while for women the areas that rebels most are the buttocks and legs.

The best exercise for ABS is essentially a combination of three essential conditions: proper nutrition, resistance training and cardiovascular activity.

Your daily training routine should not be without resistance exercises, which work multiple muscle groups. These exercises positively affect the metabolism, as they require a lot of energy during the work session and help you burn more calories.
Examples are: Squats, lunges, military press, etc. Be sure to include any of these exercises in your workout routines.

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The next thing to bear in mind is the importance of cardiovascular exercise because it is what really makes you lose more fat. It is important to combine these two things: constant activity and high-intensity intervals.

  • Constant activity refers to everything you do every day such as running instead of walking or using stairs instead of elevators.
  • High-intensity intervals refer to the common practice and discipline of cardio, jogging, using the stair climber at the gym, etc., Sex also helps to burn calories in addition to the pleasure and satisfaction involved. (See some fun ways to burn fat.)

These exercises are key to burning fat and also help improve endurance, which is absolutely essential when doing abdominal exercises.

Abdominal exercises will not make you lose fat, but will increase the volume of the muscles and make them stronger.

When structuring an abdominal workout routine remember to do it the right way, avoid those useless or harmful exercises and focus on exercises that give you more benefits. One way to be sure it is to check out Truth about ABS.

For beginners and people who do not seek a large muscle volume, the best guideline to follow is to do abdominal exercises 3 times a week following a well structured training plan.

Truth about ABS is a good starting point. It gives you clear explanations, graphics, videos etc. and leaves you understanding fully the principles behind getting well defined ABS.

Hopefully our page about the best exercise for ABS will be a great addition to your fat burning and fitness arsenal.
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Our TOP 2 Fat Burning Recommendations:

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