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target heart rate chart
Why use a target heart rate chart?
A great way to be certain that you are getting the maximum benefits from your exercise routines (pacing yourself to burn the most calories) is to keep within a desired heart rate range - your target heart rate. It is within this aerobic exercise range that one's heart and lungs operate at their optimum.

This optimal calorie burning zone can vary greatly according to ones fitness level, age and gender.
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To calculate our target heart rate we need to first calculate our maximum heart rate. For simplicity sake we'll use a well known maximum heart rate formula:

Maximum heart rate = 220 − your age

Now find your optimal fat burning zone on the target heart rate table below:
Use the age column on the Left to find your recommended target range (between 50% and 85% of your maximum heart rate). Values are shown in BPM (beats per minute).

Age Target Heart Rate Zone (bpm)
50 – 85 %
Max Heart Rate (bpm)
(220 - Age)
In years 50% 85 % 100 %
20 100 170 200
25 98 166 195
30 95 162 190
35 93 157 185
40 90 153 180
45 88 149 175
50 85 145 170
55 83 140 165
60 80 136 160
65 78 132 155
70 75 128 150

If you are just beginning an exercise program it's recommended to keep your heart in the lower and medium intensity zone (50 - 70 percent) for at least the first couple weeks. Build up slowly and perhaps after six months of regular exercise you can train for short periods near 85 percent of your maximum heart rate.
(Beginners - 50-60%, Average fitness - 60-70%, Fit - 75-85%)

Another maximum heart rate formula which has received little criticism (none of these formulas are perfect) is:

Max Heart Rate = 205.8 − (0.685 × age)

So a 40 year old would have a Maximum heart rate of 178

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The target heart rate chart below explains a bit better what words can't express.
Remember: Use the chart only as as a guide: Exercising in the high intensity (anaerobic) zone for prolonged periods of time is not recommended (unless your name is Lance Armstrong!)

Target Heart Rate Chart
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target heart rate chart


Target Heart Rate using the Karvonen method

Another way to calculate your target heart rate is using the Karvonen method. This method takes Resting Heart Rate into consideration, which is of course related to your present fitness level:

Target Heart Rate = ((Heart Rate max − Heart Rate rest) × %Intensity) + resting heart rate

For example, someone with a maximum heart rate of 180 and a resting heart rate of 70 will have a target heart rate zone of:
50% intensity: ((180 − 70) × 0.50) + 70 = 125 beats per minute
85% intensity: ((180 − 70) × 0.85) + 70 = 163 beats per minute

For more info about your resting heart rate visit how to calculate my normal resting heart rate.

Keep in mind that as you progress in time with your exercise program you will need to recalculate your target heart rate.

Now navigate from target heart rate chart to normal resting heart rate.
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