Starting a Raw Food Diet

"Helpful Tips on starting a Raw Food Diet and slowly changing to a raw food diet..."

starting a raw food diet

Beginning a raw food diet is not difficult, the best results are usually obtained if you gradually combine more and more raw food recipes into your daily diet, rather than changing to a raw food diet overnight. The transition to raw diet can take weeks or months, what ever you're comfortable with.

Raw food diets are a great way to lose weight, and to lead a healthier more natural lifestyle. Most raw food diets are plant-based, and can include uncooked fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains and seaweeds. Some raw food recipes contain cooked grains and legumes, but as a rule of thumb nothing is heated above 116 degrees Fahrenheit - beyond that temperature many food enzymes (biomolecules that increase the rate of chemical reactions that aid digestion and absorption of nutrients) are destroyed.

You will find fresh fish and poultry in many raw food diet recipes although some raw food dieters are pure vegans.

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A typical Raw food diet ingredients list:

Fresh organically grown fruits and vegetables, fresh juices, dried fruits, seaweeds, herbs, sprouts, sprouted legumes, fish and poultry, sashimi, fish tartar, cold pressed oils, raw eggs, unpasteurized milk, yogurt and cheese.

How to source your raw food ingredients:

Of course growing your own organic fruits and vegetables can be satisfying, convenient, money saving, and provide peace of mind knowing exactly where your foods are coming from. However very few of us have the time or space to grow our own fruit and vegetable so a Farmers’ Market is a good option. Be sure to ask if their produce is organic!
For more information about the nutritional value and health benefits of fruit and vegetables see fruit nutrition facts and vegetable nutrition facts.

Common concerns about starting a raw food diet

Proteins in Raw Foods: Are there enough?

There are plenty of proteins in fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains etc. and specifically in raw food diets. Some high protein ingredients are nuts, seeds, certain fruits, sprouts, seaweeds, and even leafy vegetables. Raw foods are what our bodies want and what they were designed to digest.

Isn't it time consuming preparing raw foods?

Nobody wants to spend hours preparing raw food diet recipes, but actually most raw food diet recipes are simpler and quicker than preparing cooked food. And as it becomes a part of your lifestyle, you will get quicker at preparing your fresh foods and have fun doing it.

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Raw food weight loss: Will I feel full enough?

A quick note about raw food weight loss: It's no secret (and easy to understand) that weight loss is a common result of raw food diets, but will you feel full enough?
Diets high in fiber and nutrition not only provide that full feeling, but a lot more energy too - certainly more so than highly processed sugars, fats and carbohydrates found in most fast foods.

Is this going to cost me a fortune on kitchen appliances?

Actually, you will need less kitchen equipment for preparing raw food diet recipes than normal cooking requires. The most important item is a food processor, and also recommended (but not essential) are blenders and juices. (Remember to drink any fruit vegetable juices within half an hour of making to get the maximum nutrient content).

A food dehydrator is also handy for saving fresh fruits and vegetables. And finally, perhaps a set of sharp knives.
So, basically, not much more than the usual equipment for food preparation.


Hopefully that clears up a lot of your questions and concerns about starting a raw food diet or how best to go about changing to a raw food diet, now navigate from starting a raw food diet to raw food diet review , simple raw food recipes , raw vegetable diet or raw vegetable recipes.
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