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According to our visitor's raw food diet reviews and testimonials people that have the most success with raw food diet recipes do so by slowly combining more and more raw food recipes into their lifestyle, rather than changing to a raw food diet 'cold turkey'.

Simple raw food recipes: Spanish Gazpacho

I was first introduced to Gazpacho in Cordoba, Spain. Summer in Andalucia can be sweltering, and especially in landlocked cities like Cordoba and Sevilla. So, of course, in 115 deg Fahrenheit the last thing anyone feels like is a hot stew! A tasty chilled soup is the perfect solution. If you haven't tried it before, you really have been missing out on the perfect summer dish!

4 chopped tomatoes, a good sprinkling of olive oil, 1 peeled garlic clove (I have seen as many as 6 used, but err on the side of caution at first), 1 large chopped cucumber with the skin, 2 pinches of salt, pepper, 1/2 table spoon vinegar and water.

Green red or white onion, diced cucumber, orange green or red pepper, cherry halves, cilantro (or coriander leaves)

(Additional ingredient options: Red wine or apple cider instead of vinegar, the juice of one small lime, 1 small sliced green onion, 1 small sliced pepper maybe jalapeno but not too hot, cumin and coriander. These are all used in various Gazpacho recipes so there's no reason why you can't experiment and get a little creative with these any of these ingredients to find your perfect taste.)


  • Put the ingredients in your blender or food processor and add only a little water until your desired consistency is reached.
  • Once finished allow it to sit in the fridge for a few hours until chilled.
  • Sprinkle garnishes on top after serving. (Another tasty idea is to serve the gazpacho in avocado halves).

How simple is that! And most of the ingredients can be found quite easily.
The added advantages of nutrition value and illness fighting properties makes these simple raw food recipes a no-brainer.

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Simple raw food recipes: Sea Veggie Pâté

Ingredients: 2 cups of almonds (you can also use walnuts or sunflower seeds too) soaked overnight in water and then rinsed, 1/4 cup of water, 2 table spoons of dulse flakes (a marine vegetable, similar to dried seaweed), 1 small bunch of Parsley, 3 pinches of sea salt and cayenne, 1/2 cup of chopped green onions, 1 cup of shredded celery, 1 cup of chopped carrots, 3 table spoons of lemon juice. 1 chopped garlic clove, 2 table spoons of minced red onion, 1 shredded cabbage (you can also use a mixed green salad or lettuce leaves).


  • Put the nuts and/or seeds in a food processor, then add the water and the dulse. Process the ingredients until they are coarsely chopped.
  • Now add the parsley, sea salt and cayenne, and process the mixture again until a smooth texture is reached. (You may need to add a bit more water until the mixture is smooth and thick.)
  • Mix the remaining ingredients with the processed mixture and serve over your shredded cabbage (or mixed greens, cabbage or lettuce leaves).


I hope you enjoy experimenting with these great simple raw food recipes, now navigate from simple raw food recipes to raw food diet review , starting a raw food diet , raw vegetable diet or raw vegetable recipes
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