Raw Vegetable Diet to Lose Weight

"The benefits of using a raw vegetable diet to lose weight: Tips and advice on changing to a raw food diet and how to keep with it..."

raw vegetable diet to lose weight

The logic behind raw food diets is that 'living' foods contain more nutritional value, enzymes and fiber than cooked food, and therefore provide more energy and are easier to digest. Some raw food ingredients are uncooked vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouted grains.

It's no secret that raw vegetable and fruit diets allow our cells and organisms to perform at their optimum. Scientific research has shown many times over that raw food helps create a stronger more efficient system to fight minor and major ailments. A healthy raw food diet has been shown to reduce strokes, blood pressure problems, cancer, digestive conditions, muscular degeneration etc. etc.
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If you're under the impression that raw food is boring then how about raw food diet recipes like Spanish Gazpacho, sea veggie pâté , fettuccine alfredo or banana nut sandwiches. Plus, how often are you told on other diets that you can eat as much as you please!

A Raw vegetable diet to lose weight?
Fruits and vegetables promote weight loss because:

  • They are very low in fat (the fats that they do have are the fats our body requires)
  • Fruit and vegetables are low in calories but high in fiber, vitamins and minerals.
  • As mentioned in the paragraph above, the vitamins and minerals aid our bodies cells in fighting ailments.
  • Fiber helps our bodies to digest and eliminate wastes quicker.
  • The natural healthy sugar content (vegetables have plenty of natural sugars too) reduces the cravings for sweets and chocolate.
  • The abundance of enzymes promote far easier digestion and a faster fat burning metabolism.
  • (Just to highlight the importance of enzymes: Enzymes are biomolecules that increase the rates of food's chemical reactions i.e. the breaking down of food, absorption and conversion into body tissue.  Enzymes produce energy for our bodies cells and are a permanent and crucial part of metabolic activities all the time.)
  • Energy levels are steadier (less energy fluctuations) so  the plateaus of being very hungry or very tired are reduced.
  • They help carry off excess body acids. All green vegetables are alkaline and therefore also help to reduce the pH level of our bodies.
  • And because they contain no chemicals or preservatives they are very easy on the kidneys and liver. So what? Well, the less time your liver spends breaking down chemicals the more time it can spend burning fat!
  • Summing up: Fruit and vegetables are the energizers, tissue builders, regenerators, ammunition and natural cleansers of the human body.

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For answers to common questions about raw vegetable diets like:
Will I get enough proteins from raw foods? How much time will I have to spend preparing raw food recipes? Can a raw vegetable diet fill me up? What sort of kitchen appliances does one need, and is it going to break the budget?

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Raw vegetable diet to lose weight: More important tips

  • Research has demonstrated that you can create more digestible enzymes by soaking legumes, seeds, grains and nuts in water over night. What this does is it actually deactivates certain enzyme inhibitors. Another interesting fact about beans, legumes, seeds and grains is that if they have sprouted they actually contain more nutrients and digestible enzymes.

  • There are some excellent benefits to drinking fruit and vegetable smoothies. A lot of the vegetable's nutrients (minerals and vitamins) are trapped in the fiber and with blending the fiber is broken down more efficiently (than your natural digestion process) and you are therefore able to absorb even more of the vital nutrients.
    This is certainly true in the case of beta carotene obtained from carrots. Juicing allows you to assimilate a much greater percentage of beta carotene into your body. Of course the downside is that you also remove some valuable fiber, which we already know is great for digestion.


Remember your chances of success using a raw vegetable diet to lose weight will be greatly increased if you:

  1. Get creative and put some effort into finding tasty simple raw food diet recipes.
  2. Don't transition to a raw food diet too quickly.
  3. Use fresh, tasty and organic ingredients, don't go cheap with the veggies your body deserves the best.


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In this article, "Raw vegetable diet to lose weight"
The logic behind raw food diets weight loss and how to keep with a raw food diet.



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