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When you hear the phrase raw food diet what comes into your mind? Most people think 'diet' i.e. a four letter word for small portions. However a raw food diet is not so much a diet, but rather eating just raw and unprocessed foods. There is no 'diet' as such, food portions are ample as there's no reason to neglect giving your body what it wants and needs.

Note: A word of warning about fruit or vegetable juices. They are fine as an accompaniment to exercise regimes but not as a substitute for raw fruit and vegetable meals. Shop bought fruit and vegetable juices are usually high in natural and/or added sugars and give a temporary spike in your insulin production and blood sugar directly after drinking. Where possible make your own natural juices.

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Cooking can reduce the vitamin and mineral content of fruit and vegetables, and so there are many advantages to eating raw food diets:

  • Raw fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber and are known to improve digestion and general digestive disorders
  • Raw food diets have a high nutritional value, in fact scientific research demonstrates that a diet of at least three quarters raw foods can help prevent illness and cancer, improve dental health and general well being
  • Eating raw foods goes hand in hand with weight loss and, more importantly, maintaining the weight loss
  • A raw vegetable diet increases the, very very important, intake of antioxidants.
    Antioxidants are responsible for the slowing down of premature aging skin and also known to fight free radicals (which damage the body's cells). See Fruit nutrition facts and Vegetable nutrition facts
  • Skin complexion is usually enhanced by a raw food diet
  • Another added bonus is that raw food diets rid the body of buily up toxins
  • And personally speaking I think one of the biggest advantages of a raw food diet is the increase in energy and feeling of well-being that has a snow ball effect to do the many other things (weight loss, fitness, fun etc.) that may have lacked will power or energy before

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