Proper Nutrition for Athletes (Athlete nutrition guidelines)

"Here we will explain the basics of proper nutrition for athletes. And then our 'athlete nutrition guidelines' page will give more tips and helpful advice..."

proper nutrition for athletes

Are you spending hours perfecting your skills, building your muscles, pushing your body for better performance BUT you're getting frustrated with the lack of progress?

What many athletes don't realize is that optimal form only comes when athletes get proper nutrition. By eating smart you can improve your overall performance and with less training!

You need to ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you know at what stage to eat before your sporting event?
  • What foods to eat in preparation and just before the game,
  • What and how much hydration your body will require

With proper nutrition and correct planning your body can perform better and harder.

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These are the important basics of Proper Nutrition for athletes:

  • Hydration. Your body needs the right type of fluids at the right time.
  • Carbohydrates. You need to know when to eat them, what they will do
    for you, and how much to consume.
  • Proteins: Protein is a crucial muscle building ingredient, but without the right types of protein your body can't build efficient muscle groups to perform tasks at the level you may require.
    You need to learn when and what to consume.
  • Fats: Regardless of what the diet gurus say your body requires fat. But, you need to know what fat is good and what fat is bad, and you also need to learn how to deliver them at the right time.

But doesn't one sports nutrition diet more or less work for all athletes?

Simply put, No. Why?

athlete nutrition guidelines for athletes
  • We all have different body structures and compositions.
  • Our nutrition requirements also change as we age.
  • Race matters too. Various cultures need more or less of certain food types, minerals and vitamins.
  • Gender. Males and females require different diets.
  • And, of course, our sporting discipline plays a major role. A professional cyclist will require a completely different diet to a professional body builder.

And so we all require differing amounts of nutrition and diet nutrition planning.

Important tips for ensuring proper nutrition for athletes:

1)Eat more often but in smaller portions. Your body needs fuel consistently and by feeding it more regularly you train your body to burn energy more efficiently and get rid quicker of unnecessary fat. (When you don't eat regularly your body goes into preservation mode and stores fat.)

2) Healthy snacks between meals are a good thing. But, only nutritional snacks, like vegetables, fruits, salads, and nuts to provide the minerals and vitamins your body craves.

3) Eat ALL the food groups. Low carbohydrate diets are a no no, your body needs those carbs during strenuous workouts.

4) Breakfast is crucial. It's a big factor in getting the metabolism moving and also determining how well your body will function for the rest of the day. (For more advice about how to speed up your metabolism visit naturally increase metabolism or 15 fat burning foods.)

5) Meals just before bed time are unnecessary and counter productive. Your body needs fuel for activities, not for sleeping.

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Hopefully this advice on proper nutrition for athletes will help you a little.
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