Physiological benefits of exercise: Benefit of regular exercise

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physiological benefits of exercise

If we want our bodies to function properly (both physically and mentally) we require a good fitness level. We are genetically designed to be active, to eat healthy and expend energy. Physical inactivity can lead to a variety of physical and mental problems.
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Lungs: Physiological benefits of exercise on the lungs

With exercise we strengthen all the muscles that help to fill and empty the lungs of oxygen. With each breath we can inhale more air with less energy expenditure, making breathing more efficient, increasing oxygenation and reducing stress on our respiratory muscles.

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  • Exercise increases the area available to supply oxygen to the blood. This is due to increased capillarization and number of working alveoli.
  • Exercise increases our lung capacity and cleans our lungs.
  • This process of emptying and filling becomes easier.
  • Studies have shown that improved oxygenation increases our intellectual capabilities as the brain receives more oxygen and cools more efficiently.

Physical benefits of exercise on the Muscles and Bones

Probably the 1st place you will notice the physiological benefits of exercise are in the muscles. It's easy to notice the change in our muscles as they becomes tighter, stronger and bigger.
People who hardly exercise will have 'flabby' muscles with little muscle tissue or tone.

When you notice that the muscles have gained in strength the process has already begun where the bones become thicker and stronger in order to support the new tensions caused by the stronger larger muscles. As with the benefits of the cardiovascular system, there is a knock-on effect that causes improvements in the body and metabolism that would seem to have nothing to do with exercise.

The joints: Physical exercise benefits

Stronger, and regularly exercised, muscle tendons and ligaments improve the internal lubrication. Along with an increase in muscle mass this increases our quality of life exponentially. We delay aging and improve mobility drastically.

  • An increases in muscle tissue equals more force.
  • Stronger muscles give more resistance to fatigue.
  • Reaction times become quicker, making you feel more agile and graceful.
  • Bones are reinforced by the muscles and become more resistant to hard knocks and falls.
  • The general increase in strength, endurance, balance and agility significantly reduce falls and injuries associated with them.

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