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In order for the human body to function properly (on both a physical and mental level) we must maintain a suitable level of fitness. Our bodies have been designed to be active, and consequently inactivity can lead to a malfunction of our cells, organs, muscles and joints.

There are many benefits of physical activity but in order to truly reap the rewards we must be consistent with our exercises.

So what is the minimum amount we should be exercising?

  • At least three hours per week with minimum of forty minutes per session.
  • About 95% of this should be light aerobic exercise and 5% medium to high intensity exercise (depending on whether you are just beginning with exercise routines.)
  • Incorporate exercises that work on your core and abdominals muscles.
  • Always do flexibility and stretching exercises before and after sessions.
  • Try to include coordination and balance exercises.

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Studies have shown that people who exercise:

  • Suffer less from depression. This fact is even more important for women who are over forty and more prone to depression.
  • Suffer less widespread pain such as fibromyalgia.
  • Have increased sexual stamina and desire to maintain relationships. Again, this is especially true for both men and women after their forties.
  • Have an improved self-esteem.
  • Have an improved ability to concentrate.
  • Can tolerate more stressful situations, and handle their stress better.

Heart: Physical exercise benefits to the Heart

The most important muscle in the body is the heart and with exercise the heart grows, gets stronger and becomes less fatty.

  • A larger healthier heart can push more blood with each beat (and therefore more oxygen and nutrients too.)
  • Aerobic exercise can lower our resting heart rate, and improve the economy and effectiveness.
  • An added health benefit is the increase in quality of the coronary arteries, and improvement in the cardiovascular system. This means the heart can be more effective in the distribution of blood.
  • Problems associated with high blood pressure are the leading cause of death in middle aged people of Western cultures. Aerobic exercise helps lower blood pressure, reduces the accumulated fat percentage, and improves the circulation of blood through the veins and arteries.

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