Mental benefits of exercise

"PART 3. Discover the most important mental benefits of exercise. (This article is continued from physiological benefits of exercise and physical exercise benefits)"

mental benefits of exercise

Ask a group of people what are the benefits of physical exercise and most of the responses will be related to aesthetics: Lose a few pounds, get sexy ABS, get bigger muscles etc. In part they are right however there are many other benefits of physical activity which improve longevity and mental prowess.

Several studies have shown that performing physical exercise is beneficial to health. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), performing physical activity continuously increases longevity and protects against the development of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, obesity, hypertension, and even different types of cancer.

But there are psychological benefits of exercise as well. It helps us to face life with more optimism and energy, it increases self-esteem and makes us feel good. And physical exercise improves some mental disorders such as depression or anxiety.

In the case of women, it's particularly important to have some kind of physical activity. We are talking about maintaining fitness through light activity or mind-body techniques, like Yoga. One hour, three times a week is more than enough to look good and feel good, and make a long-term investment in your health and quality of life.

More mental benefits of exercise

  • It helps people to overcome shyness and curb excessive impulses.
  • It teaches people how to work in a group (be less individualistic) and improves communication skills.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Increases our topics of conversation.
  • Increases our circle of acquaintances.
  • Exercising with people who have common goals is a big motivational factor and increases mental stimulation.

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