Macrobiotic diet foods

"Ideas for preparing macrobiotic diet foods and the potential dangers of a macrobiotic diet..."

macrobiotic diet foods

The macrobiotic diet is a high fiber low fat lifestyle and concentrates on foods which are usually lacking in the diets of English speaking countries. It's a mostly vegetarian diet where unprocessed organic foods, like whole grains (good complex carbohydrates) soy products and vegetables, play an important role.

Dangers of a macrobiotic diet. There are many benefits to a macrobiotic lifestyle but there are also dangers of a macrobiotic diet: The diet lacks essential nutrients like protein, vitamin B12 and certain vitamins like iron, magnesium, and calcium that could cause a lack of energy. (Please add your macrobiotic diet review at the bottom of the page to help visitors like yourself get unbiased reviews.)

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Throughout this entire site we always emphasize: Everything in moderation, common sense always applies, and always follow proper nutrition guidelines.

Types of Macrobiotic Diet Foods

The macrobiotic diet concentrates on high fiber whole grains, vegetables, beans, fermented soy, soybean soups, fish, seeds, nuts and certain fruits. Food like red meat, sugar and dairy products are mostly avoided.

Macrobiotic Diet Food Plan

  • Foods should be organic, unprocessed and natural, and they should be prepared by baking, boiling, grilling or steaming.

  • Cooking should be prepared with purified water and where cooking oils are used they should be plant based.

  • Microwaves are out but a pressure cooker can be used to prepare rice.

  • Whole grains like brown rice, barley, rye, corn, millet etc. should constitute just over half the amount of each meal. Flour products like baked goods and pasta should be eaten sparingly.
  • About 2 bowls of bean or soybean soup should be eaten per day.

  • Just less than one third of the daily food content should be steamed, boiled or grilled vegetables (cooked naturally, no oils).

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  • 10% of the daily macrobiotic diet should come in the form of beans (including bean products like soy and tofu.)

  • Small amounts of fish or other seafood products can be added to meals every alternate day but red meats, poultry and dairy products are not part of the diet.

  • Several portions of fruit apples, pears, apricots, grapes, peaches and berries should be consumed a week.

  • Condiments that can be used are natural sea salt, brown rice vinegar, umeboshi vinegar, grated ginger root, fermented pickles, roasted sesame seeds etc.

Other considerations when preparing macrobiotic diet foods

  • Ceramic and stainless steel pots and utensils are suggested.
  • Food should be prepared in a peaceful setting (so I guess not on the boss's desk?)
  • Foods should be eaten in a relaxed setting and only for hunger. You should eat slowly and chew your food properly to aid digestion

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