Best lower stomach flattening exercise
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"What is the best lower stomach flattening exercise and ABS routine..."

The best exercise for lower ABS is not doing lower abdominal exercises at all!
Surprised? Hey, if you don't believe me and would like some great ABS exercises (the best according to University Researchers) then visit stomach flattening exercises and free exercises to flatten your stomach. Otherwise read on...

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You see, your lower Abdominals are one of the last places that your stubborn belly fat hangs around, and just won't leave. You can do hours and hours of the best lower stomach flattening exercise routines but unless you get rid of that layer of fat it's not going to help. And, what many people fail to realize, it's not possible to burn fat in just one area. So by trying to ABSercise your way to a flatter stomach without exercising the rest of your body means that you won't get the results you want.

You need to lower your BMI (Body Mass Index) and your body fat index. You can lower your body mass index by concentrating on fat burning exercises in combination with abs exercises. One of the most effective ways of burning fat is through aquatic exercise routines. Good water exercise routines have the potential to burn calories very fast with minimal impact on the body which allows for a better recovery time.

There are 2 very important tips to burning body fat

The first is to increase your metabolism through correct exercising and
The second is proper nutrition.

1) Metabolism. Of course to increase the rate at which you burn fat you need to increase your metabolism. Some good metabolism boosting workouts are actually quite simple and go hand in hand with interval training and aerobic exercises. These are some examples and tips for good metabolism boosting exercises:

  • Perform your aerobic exercises for between 30 and 60 minutes and preferably first thing in the morning. This is when you have the most energy, and your body will use stored fat for energy.
  • Don't do the same exercise everyday, your body gets used to similar exercises and is designed to conserve energy. Plus continued similar exercises can cause stress on the same joints and this could lead to injury.
  • Exercise daily, but perhaps for only 15 minutes 2 days of the week. Basically, mix it up.
  • Using your desired activity (running, cycling, swimming, aquatic training, jumping rope, roller skating, walking etc.) do 30 seconds of hard exercise followed by 60 seconds of moderate exercise and rest for 60 seconds of light exercise. Repeat this process 5 times then cool down with light exercise for 4-5 minutes. Then repeat the whole process once more.

2) Proper nutrition. Many people are either unaware or ignore the fact that by eating smart you can make your life a lot easier. By cutting out unnecessary calories and including correct nutrients and fiber you can get that engine of yours running a lot more efficient.

By following a healthy nutritional diet, you will consume less calories, and therefore you will need to burn less calories to reach your goals, which means that you can exercise less, but at the same time you will still burn more calories because you will now have an efficient engine, and because you're exercising less your recovery time is much less and you are prone to less injuries...

And so the cycle continues. And of course the opposite is also true if you don't watch your diet.
For more advice on a healthy diet visit proper nutrition for athletes.



For more lower stomach flattening exercise tips visit free exercises to flatten stomach.
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Our TOP 2 Fat Burning Recommendations:

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