Free List of Low Calorie Foods & Complete Negative Calorie Food List

"Our full list of low calorie foods, zero calorie foods and a list of negative calorie food."

Free List Of Low Calorie Foods

Free List Of Low Calorie Foods

So what are Negative Calorie Foods?
If the energy burnt when eating and digesting certain foods is more than the actual calories that they contain then these types of low calorie foods can be called negative calorie foods.
A diet of mainly negative calorie foods is extremely powerful, not only because they are the best fat burning foods but also because of the excellent nutritional value (vitamins, minerals and fiber) associated with low and negative calorie foods.

One of the most underrated negative calorie foods is water.

Yes, water is a food!!
What makes water such a fantastic fat burning food? Water makes the kidneys works. Yes (you're thinking) and so what, you just end up going for more toilet breaks!
Well the more work load you take away from the liver, i.e. the less time your liver has to worry about breaking down waste products and chemicals the more time it has to concentrate on its primary function - To Burn Fat.
Drinking water allows the liver to focus on burning fat, it cleanses the body and aids digestion, and all these factors help to boost your metabolism. Now take a look around and see how many people drink enough water (> 6 glasses a day). Go figure!

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A healthy negative calorie diet

Just eating low or zero calorie foods, can also do harm to your body! Our body requires all the different food groups to function at its best (dairy, vegetables, fruit, meat, grains and fats too). Visit athlete nutrition guidelines for excellent advice on healthy eating.

Zero calorie foods should be used in addition to other foods, or as part of a cleansing or detox course.

  • Anything in excess can be bad for example certain fruits have a high acid content that can irritate your stomach lining.
  • Chewing food slowly and thoroughly helps digestion and also releases more of the nutritional value that are stored in the fibers
  • Where possible eat the foods raw. Raw foods contain more enzymes and nutrients than their cooked counterparts. Visit starting a raw food diet for more advice about raw food diets.

List of low calorie foods - List of negative calorie food

Negative Calorie Vegetables: Asparagus, aubergine (eggplant), beetroot, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cantaloupes (see calories in cantaloupe), carrots, cauliflower, celeriac, celery stalk and root, chicory, Chinese cabbage (pak choi, bok choi), cucumbers, cress, dandelion leaves, eggplant, endives, fennel, garlic, globe artichokes, green beans, green cabbage, leeks, lemons, lettuce, mangetouts (snow peas), mooli (daikon or Japanese radish), mushrooms, okra (ladies‟ fingers), onions, radishes, seaweed, spinach, squash, swede, tomatoes, turnips, zucchini

Negative Calorie Fruits: Apples, apricots, bananas, blackberries, blackcurrants, blueberries, boysenberries, cherries, clementines, cranberries, damsons, figs, gooseberries, grapefruit, grapes, greengages, guavas, kiwi fruit, kumquat, loquat, lychees, mandarins, mangos, medlars, melons, mulberries, nectarines, oranges, papayas, peaches, pears, persimmons, pineapple, plums, pomegranate, prickly pear, prunes, raspberries, redcurrants, satmusas, star fruit, strawberries, tangerines, white currants

Negative Calorie Nuts: Almonds, Barcelona nuts, Brazil nuts, chestnuts, coconuts, filberts, hazelnuts, macadamias, peanuts, pine nuts, pistachios, walnuts

Other list of low calorie foods: Low fat cottage cheese, light yogurt, pickles, apple cinnamon rice cakes, fresh poached fish, Muesli and porridge oats, lentils, Canadian bacon, ground turkey, egg whites.

Note:You can also find a full alphabetical list of calories in foods at Alphabetical food calories list.

Or Download our Alphabetical list of calories in Food right now.


Hopefully our list of negative calories food will help you to make smarter eating choices.
Now navigate from list of low calorie foods to alphabetical list of calories in foods or Top 10 foods that speed metabolism.
Or visit stomach flattening exercises home.

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