Leg exercises for women: Best leg shaping exercises

"These are the best leg exercises for women who want sexy toned legs..."

leg exercises for women

While all women will agree that the perfect legs are long, firm and free of cellulite, not all women have the same physique. Therefore women will have different objectives when seeking to have sexier legs.
Some women need to tone up in certain places and eliminate fat while others may need more muscle volume and firmness.
The following exercises are generally the best leg shaping exercises that will help with muscle toning and fat burning.

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Leg exercises for women:Step Climbing

Use a step or platform at least 45cm in height.

  • Starting position: Place your left leg on the step so that your left knee is bent to 90 degrees. The vertical line of your knee should not go beyond the tip of your foot.
  • Now push yourself up with your left leg while bringing your right leg to the step. Remember to keep your back straight.
  • Now return to the starting position with the right leg following.
  • Repeat for a minute and then alternate to pushing yourself up with the right leg.

Once you feel comfortable with this leg exercise then perform the routine using dumbbells and work to increase the speed of repetitions.

Leg exercises for women: Thigh reinforcing scissors

leg shaping exercises for women
  • Lie on your left side with your left leg bent on the floor and the right leg extended. Hold your head with your left hand resting the weight on your left upper arm.
  • Keeping your hips firm lift your right leg vertically as high as possible without bending the knee.
  • Return slowly to the starting position and repeat.
  • Do 10 repetitions and change sides. Slowly build up to 4-5 sets.

Leg Shaping exercises: Straight Descent

  • Begin by standing with the legs apart - they should be twice the width of your shoulders. Point your toes outwards. Align your knees with the balls of your feet.
  • Now bend your knees down as if going into a a squat position. You'll know you have gone done far enough when your finger tips touch your knees. Concentrate on your balance, keeping your back straight and ABS firm.
  • Push back up to the starting position.

Once you are confident with the routine (and that you are keeping your back straight and maintaining a good balance) you can squat down a few centimeters further.
You can also hold dumbbells on top of the thighs, on your chest, or even a barbell on your shoulders.

Leg Shaping exercises: Lateral abductor exercise

  • Lie on either side and raise your top leg slowly as high as possible. Keep the leg straight and don't bend the knee. Then bring the leg down slowly.
  • Repeat as many times as you feel comfortable
Lie on your other side to work the other leg in the same way.

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