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Is the HCG diet plan a Placebo?: Does it really have any effect on Weight Loss or feelings of Hunger ...

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Another diet is making the round. This time it's one that has been through a couple of cycles of popularity: The HCG weight loss program.

HCG is short for human chorionic gonadotropin, a natural hormone that is present in pregnant women. The hormone provides nourishment from body fat in case the fetus does not get enough food to survive. HCG shots for weight loss are supposed to burn fat in the same way, except without being pregnant, of course.

A British endocrinologist (A.T.W. Simeons) suggested that this fat-burning hormone, whilst combined with a very low calorie diet, would also assist the obese to lose weight and keep it off. He developed a food protocol and combined it with HCG shots and the HCG weight loss program was born.

How low is a very low calorie diet?
The hCG weight loss program requires you to reduce your daily caloric intake to 500 calories per day (Note: Doctors do not suggest a diet of less than 1200 Calories a day for women and 1800 Calories for men - visit your GP for advice) including a strict limit on the types of foods that you can eat.

Scientific Studies of the HCG Diet Plan

There have been a number of studies conducted on the hCG diet dating back almost to the origins of the diet itself. Some show the HCG Diet is effective, some show that the HCG Diet is hype.

Generally, the studies can be broken into 2 types:

The 1st asks people on the HCG diet about their experiences, and many who strictly follow the diet report excellent results.

The 2nd uses control groups in which half the participants are given hCG and the other half a placebo (a fake dosage that has no effect on the body). The 2 results of this type of testing are nearly identical!
They show that there is no difference between daily hCG injections or placebo treatments while the participants are following the same dietary patterns! No difference in weight loss, hunger levels, blood nutrient levels, no difference - period.

In my opinion, you're much better off with a diet plan like "The Diet Solution Program" (see link below) where you will learn about nutritious eating based on your metabolism that combines all the food groups and doesn't deprive you.

All the best,

Timothy Hanks

-- HCG weight loss program reviews --

Our recommended weight loss program: The Diet Solution Program

Is the HCG weight loss program the worst diet ever?: A very dangerous diet....

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If you're not already aware, the science behind weight loss isn't difficult to understand - you need to use up more calories than you consume each day. This can be accomplished by changes in diet, adding an exercise routine, or a combination of the 2 to create a caloric deficit.

However, losing weight should not be your only concern.
A balanced diet that offers a variety of vital nutrients is much more important for your overall health. You absolutely must have a nutrient-rich diet, when reducing your daily calorie intake.

Unfortunately, some diet programs manage to miss this mark.
Even with endorsements from self-appointed weight loss gurus, many diet programs are horribly designed, and promote dangerous weight loss practices. Other diet plans require the use of unsafe supplements or removal of important food groups. Sadly, many dieters fall for these fad diets, putting faith in diet programs that are little more than marketing ploys and potentially very dangerous one's health.

Without further ado, here is the diet plan you should definitely avoid:

HCG weight loss program -

The hCG diet is a poor choice for many reasons not the least being that it makes a number of dangerous and counterproductive suggestions.
The first problem is that it recommends an intake of only 500 calories per day.
Doctors recommended over twice this daily calorie intake for women and almost 4 times this amount for men.
The diet plan requires most of your calorie intake to come from protein. This may help spare muscle some muscle loss but, the calorie deficit is so low that you will definitely lose muscle on the hCG diet.
This in turn will actually slow down your metabolism.

The HCG diet also requires using hCG injections. hCG is a hormone that regulates metabolic processes in pregnant women. According to proponents of the hCG diet, hCG can help you burn calories.
However, a study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that hCG is not effective for weight loss. Identical weight loss results were experienced by groups who were given a placebo (a fake drug) as compared to those who had the hCG injections.

The hCG diet is not only a waste of money, but worse, it is an unhealthy diet that cuts out certain nutrients which your body needs to function normally.

William Sandy,

-- hCG weight loss program --

hCG fraud: Taking Money from Diet Hopefuls: FTC Fraudster Back in the Game....

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hCG weight loss program:

Who isn't a sucker for new diets. When the Britney Spears Diet was announced I was front and center taking notes, and similarly when the HCG diet was released I once again sharpened my pencil to take notes.
However, when I noticed the name 'Kevin Trudeau' linked intimately with HCG weight loss program, I had to ask whether the HCG diet was for real or another fad diet I didn't want to know about?

What is the HCG weight loss plan?

Simply speaking, the HCG plan requires the injection of hCG, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (a hormone present in a pregnant woman's placenta during pregnancy) And a miniscule 500 calorie daily intake!
Hmmm, and you are going to burn fat instead of lean muscle mass?

Accordingly, this near starvation diet can cause one to lose between and three pounds of body weight per day. If you are still compus mentus after a few days, you may actually enjoy your shrinking waistline. The HCG weight loss program has made the rounds on Oprah, Fox News and other programs prepared to give it some airtime.

So Who is Kevin Trudeau and why Should you Care?

Kevin Trudeau is implicated in many Federal Trade Commission (FTC) lawsuits, founder of the International Pool Tour (as in billiards), and a self proclaimed alternative health guru.

The FTC already shut him down in 2004 for his infomercial claim that his coral calcium supplement will cure cancer, and also his Biotape pain reliever that would permanently cure pain.
At his 2007 encounter with the FTC he was held in civil contempt for the infomercial marketing of ... "The Weight Loss Cure 'They' Don't Want You to Know About".
His book talking about... hCG.

The FTC objected to the marketing effort and the suggestion that dieters would find the diet easy and could eat anything they wanted.

The original HCG diet was created by Dr. A. T. W. Simeons in the 1950s, however there is also the Kevin Trudeau weight loss program for those observing this radical weight loss plan.

But Does the HCG weight loss program Work?

Depends what you define as work...
You will lose weight if you only consume 500 calories per day for a period of time.
Of course a large portion of that weight lost will be muscle mass. Not good, considering muscle mass is one of the biggest factors of metabolic rate. Reduce your muscle mass and you will decrease your metabolism. Start eating again normally after you finish the program and see what happens with your now very slow metabolism...

You can also save your money on the hCG shots/drops, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has proven long ago that the hCG weight loss plan is entirely ineffective.

Kevin Trudeau's cures for cancer, lupus, multiple sclerosis, joint pain and muscular dystrophy have failed. Do you want to buy into his weight loss cure?

Sylvia Corchan,

--hCG weight loss program--

hCG diet worth the medical risk?: The dangerous side effects you should know about....

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hCG weight loss program:

HCG (human chorionic gonatdotropin) is a hormone that is produced in the placenta of pregnant women. This, in fact, is the hormone detected in the urine (or blood) for a positive pregnancy test.
In fact, hCG levels double in a pregnant woman's body almost daily until hitting maximum levels at around 14 weeks of pregnancy.
hCG protects the structure in the ovary called the corpus luteum, thus 'guarding' a pregnancy.

Because hCG is a gonadotrophic hormone it also prompts genital development. In fact,
hCG has been used to treat delayed genital development or adolescence in boys, as a fertility drug, a treatment for low testosterone/progesterone levels, and even abused as an alternative to anabolic steroids.

The Mechanism

The hCG diet is even quite "extreme" when compared to other fad diets. It requires an injection/dosage of 125 IU (International Units) of hCG daily (but not during menstruation) until a total of 23 injections have been given. Until the third injection, the individual must eat plenty of fatty foods to ensure that normal fat cells are filled to maximum capacity.
After this, only 500 calories can be consumed each day until 3 days after the final injection.

For three weeks after this, all foods are allowed except starch and sugar.
And then, a gradual addition of starch in small quantities.

If the individual has not lost significant weight or regains weight, the process can be repeated four times. The hCG weight loss program suggests that there be a break between injection therapies so as to disallow the body from becoming sensitized to hCG.

hCG, in normal pregnancy conditions, stimulates the fat cells in the body to release nutrients so that the developing fetus can receive the calories and nutrients necessary for growth.

During the hCG weight loss program, the hormone is supposed to cause the dieter's body to release stored fat, and provide the body with the needed calories to survive the day.
The 500 consumed calories are, in theory, so that the dieter does not experience hunger.

The Problems

Our bodies require a balanced levels of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to function properly. When any of these nutrients is cut out, the metabolism adjusts itself to enter "protection mode" and this can actually cause more harm than good.
This semi-starvation state will tax the liver and cause significant destruction of muscle tissue - tissue that is needed to burn fat!

Food intake is more than just calories! Calories are only a measurement of heat - anything that can burn has calories.
Rather, t he more important factor is nutrients.
500 calories will not supply the body the nutrients it needs to function properly - magnesium, iron, vitamin C, vitamin A, and many other phytonutrients that do not even have names yet!
It is crucial to eat nutrient dense foods rather than counting calories. Whole and raw fruits, grains, and vegetables are excellent sources of nutrients and great for losing weight.

The hCG Diet does not address eating or exercise habits. Thus, when the diet ends (as all diets must end) the weight will return as certain as your reduced metabolism. If lifestyle modifications are not made through nutrition and diet, no long-term weight loss will be realized.

Artificially tweaking hormones of the endocrine system is dangerous. Since hCG is a gonadotrophic hormone, it can cause complications in the proper functioning of the testes and ovaries.
Some serious side-effects include: blood clots, headaches, swelling, breast tenderness, restlessness, depression, water retention, and a life-threatening condition called OHSS or ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome. OHSS can cause abdominal bloating, decreased urination, weight gain, difficulty in breathing, and even birth defects if used while pregnant!


A proven method for weight control is a diet of whole foods (non-processed foods) combined with regular exercise. Do not take part in these "fad diets," rather take the time to learn how to improve your overall health, wellbeing, and lifestyle by studying proper nutrition and practicing healthy exercise habits.

Nathan Schilaty

--hCG weight loss program--

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