Best free home exercise programs

"The best Fitness Exercise Workout at Home to burn fat, strengthen and tone muscles ..."

To stay in shape it is not necessary to train in a gym, just do these free home exercise programs that can be done without tools or special equipment.

Time is not an excuse, with half an hour a day you can work different muscle groups and get amazing results in just weeks.

Let's get to work!

1. Chest, shoulders and triceps: free home exercise programs

The push-up is a simple and effective way to strengthen the upper body, and also has the advantage that it can be performed almost anywhere.

The key is to get the most out them slowly. Take two seconds to go up and three down, never let gravity take care of the descent. Remember that your muscles are working when you raise the body and, especially, while returning to the ground.


free home exercise programs

Hand positions should match the shoulder line. If your hands are too close you'll overwork the triceps and be exhausted before you can get a proper workout.

To increase your balance, keep your hands flat on the floor and spread the fingers so the tips are about three centimeters apart. Do not open too much, as it could strain the tendons of the hand.

Keep your arms as close to the torso as possible to lessen strain on the shoulders. If possible, touch the ground with your chest so that the chest muscles work harder, achieve greater flexibility and protect you from injury. Alternatively, go as low as you can.

The legs must stay together and be perfectly straight. If you tend to bend slightly do not try too hard to straighten. Finally, keep your feet together.

free exercises to-flatten stomach

Final position: keep the head above you looking down and aligned with the rest of the body. Lifting or turning can damage the muscles of the neck.

The back should be relaxed and aligned with the legs. Remember that the spine forms a natural curve in the base of the back, so you should not try to correct it.

On reaching the highest point Do Not lock your elbows! If you do, you can place excessive strain on the muscles, tendons and joints. Finally, make sure not to raise the pelvis more than the rest of the back.

Exhale and inhale when pushing up and down. It is advisable to make three sets of 12 repetitions.

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Free home exercise programs.

2. Quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, adductors and calves: free home exercise programs

Squats are essential to care of the aesthetics ;-) so if you do it regularly you will have some firm legs and a great butt.

free home quad routines

For beginners, you can use a chair to help.
Stand about 15 inches in front of the chair with your feet apart and toes pointing slightly outward. Keep your shoulders relaxed, chest lifted and eyes looking forward. Then, take a deep breath and lower your buttocks slowly toward the chair. Bend the knees, and prevents them from extending ahead of your toes. Lower your body until it reaches almost to the chair, but of course, do not sit. Hold this position for a few seconds. Then return to the starting position.

Exhale while lifting yourself up by using the legs, the back of the thighs and buttocks. Take a deep breath before making the next repetition. It is best to perform at least three sets of eight repetitions. Over time, you can increase your exercise intensity.

To do squats in the best way follow these recommendations:

  • Concentrate on moving the buttocks back.
  • You should not feel pain in the knees. If you od it means you are moving forward or you're doing too much.
  • If movement is too difficult don't go as low. The ideal is to achieve a 45 degree angle.
  • Keep the correct anatomical position of the ankle and knee throughout the movement.
  • Always avoid reaching the maximum knee extension too rapidly, to avoid excessive pressure on the meniscus.
  • People with little flexibility in the ankle joint have a limited ankle dorsiflexion, so you should not put an overbalance of more than 3 cm below the heels.

3. Abs: free home exercise programs

According to a relatively recent study conducted at the Biomechanics Laboratory at the University of San Diego the best abs exercise is the bicycle maneuver. It was determined that, amongst all other types of abdominal exercises, this is the most effective workout working the front and the obliques.

free home abs routines

Place the lower back straight on the floor or a mat. Place your hands behind your head so that the fingers touch the ears and elbows are open.

Lift your knees until they form an angle of 45 degrees and slowly begin to simulate the movements of pedaling a bicycle. Touch the left knee with right elbow, and then the right and left sides.

Take care to breathe. Remember that the most important thing for strengthening the abdominal muscles is not the speed or the quantity but quality.

Initially try to make 10 to 15 repetitions. The goal is to get up to three sets of 25 repetitions per day, three times a week.
Free home exercise programs.

4. Stretching: free home exercise programs

Stretching is extremely important, it helps you to relax more and also avoid injury. Depending on the to the area you worked, you should stretch a certain way.

Stretching the neck: While sitting, lower the head to one side and hold it lightly with the opposite hand. Simultaneously, move the opposite shoulder down to intensify the stretch. Repeat on the other side.

Pectoral stretch: Stand with your shoulders down and abs tight, and with two-hands grab your back. You should feel the stretch in the chest.

Stretching the hip flexor: Lie on your side, grab a hand and foot with the hip pushed forward without pulling the foot. You will notice a slight tension in the upper thigh. Repeat on the other side.

Hamstring stretch. Sitting on the floor, extend one leg forward and keep the other leg bent. With open shoulders, like when you are standing, bend the trunk forward. You will notice stretching in the back of the thigh. Switch legs.

Stretch triceps: Standing or sitting, put your right hand over your right shoulder with the palm facing forward. Push the elbow back slightly to intensify the stretch, but do not force. Repeat on the other side.

Stretching the back: Standing, bend the torso forward while grabbing your legs with both hands. Also push your back forward.

Stretching the buttocks. Sit with right leg bent on the left, move your torso to the side, keeping both buttocks on the floor at all times. Repeat on the other side, changing the position of the legs.

Stretching the outside of the hip. Lying on your back, bend your right leg and place your left leg over. Move the right knee towards the body to intensify the stretch. Switch sides.

Hopefully our page about free home exercise programs to will be a handy addition to your fat burning and fitness arsenal.
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