Free exercises to flatten stomach & tone ABS

"The best free exercises to flatten stomach and tone muscles ..."

Best stomach flattening exercises and routines

Important tips before starting your ABS exercises:

free exercises to-flatten stomach
  • Always complete warm up activities and stretching exercises before your ABS workout. And likewise do cooling down stretches afterwards.
  • For practically all stomach flattening exercises the lower back should be flush with the floor or workout bench, if the exercise requires an arched back it's either incorrect or a very technical routine, and probably best avoided for now.
  • You exhale into your crunch.
  • Do the lower stomach flattening exercises first as they usually require more exertion.
  • Where abdominal exercises require that you place your hands under your neck you must remember to keep your elbows facing out. If you keep the elbows pointing together you could put tension on the neck.

  • Three stomach flattening workouts a week is good enough to start, with at least 1 or 2 days of rest between ab exercise workouts.
  • Mix your ABS exercises, and instead of concentrating on doing many reps rather perform the stomach exercises slowly but correctly.
  • Don't only do exercises to flatten stomach areas, also focus on overall body fitness and fat burning workouts. When you burn body fat you do it throughout the body not in one specific area i.e. If your stomach muscles are covered with a layer of fat then most likely your BMI or body fat index is too high. So, regardless of how many stomach flattening exercises you perform you won't tone your abs before you reduce your BMI or body fat percentage.
  • Nobody’s perfect, if you slip one week, give yourself a break, but have the mental strength to get back the following week.

Discover the best stomach flattening exercises according to the San Diego State University Research Team, visit stomach flattening workouts.

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Free exercises to flatten stomach and tone ABS

1) Lower Abdominal Reverse Crunches (or Reverse Lower Abs Crunches)

free flatten stomach reverse crunch
  • To get to the starting position: Lie down, back on the floor (keep your lower back against the ground) and lift your knees towards your chest (so your feet are now off the ground).
  • The exercise: Now lift your tush off the ground curling your spine towards your head. Hold the position for a second (increase the time as you get stronger) and lower your pelvis back to the starting position.

Tips: Use your hands for stabilization, breath out while lifting your buttocks and squeeze the lower ab muscles during the upward movement.
See lower abs exercise for more ideas on how to burn away that lower stomach fat.

2) The Bicycle ABS exercise (complete 6 pack workout)
I have found this to be the best six pack abs exercise for me personally.

bicycle abs exercise
  • Start Position: Lie down with your back on the floor and place your hands behind your head but remember keep your elbows facing out. Lift both knees up towards the chest and then lift your shoulder off the surface (without putting strain on the neck with your hands!)
  • The exercise: Straighten one leg out while at the same time turning the upper body in the opposite direction (i.e. bringing the opposite elbow to the opposite knee). Now switch legs and bring the alternate elbow towards the knee.
    Continue alternating sides in a 'pedaling' motion for 12-16 reps.

3) Abdominal plank Exercise (Plank abs exercise)
This is an excellent stomach flattening exercise that works your entire ABS core, exercising the abdominal and lower back muscles.

abs abdominal plank exercise
  • Start position: From your hands and knees on the floor lower your chest to a pushup position but support yourself with your elbows and forearms. Your legs should be straight with your weight resting on the balls of your feet. Form a straight line with your body.
  • The exercise: There's not much movement other than holding the position and pulling your abdominal muscles in. Keep the position for 10 seconds to start and take a break. Work up to holding the position for a minute.

Tips: Remember to breathe while maintaining a good straight form.

Advanced abs plank exercise
Once you can hold the abdominal plank exercise for more than a minutes at a time, increase the intensity by holding one foot slightly above the ground. This places greater emphasis on the lower abdominals. You can alternate legs between sets or even half way through reps.



Hopefully these free exercises to flatten stomach muscles and tone ABS will be a great addition to your fat burning and fitness arsenal.
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