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The majority of dieters rely on calorie deficit diet plans to lose weight and this usually means eating less food and fighting hunger pains and subsequent temptations. But did you know that one hour of light exercise (cycling) can burn 300KCal?

Exercise is not only a key factor to losing fat but it also helps to build muscle mass.
Gaining muscle mass is important (were not talking bulking here, just lean muscle) because the more muscle mass you have the more powerful your metabolism is.

The fantastic thing about free exercise diet programs is that there are many less foods to avoid. If you have an ice cream on the weekend or eat out with friends, your exercise routine is already compensating for these excess calories.
Of course this is not a 'carte blanche' eat as much as you please plan, but rather you are allowed to treat yourself more often than would be the case if you were following an eating regimen only.

Best foods to eat:
Fruits and cooked vegetables, skimmed milk, dried fruits, legumes, lean meats, grilled fish and eggs.

Foods to eat in moderation: Cereals and their derivatives, sausages, wine and beer.

Foods to eliminate: Simple carbohydrates, white bread, biscuits and pastries, sodas, spirits.

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Example menu for a diet exercise program:

Breakfast: 1 glass of natural fruit juice, tea or coffee, fruit, toasted whole wheat bread with tomato, olive oil and carpaccio.
Brunch: Skimmed yogurt with nuts.
Lunch: Chick pea salad with mozzarella cheese and cherry tomatoes. Grilled fish with potatoes boiled in their skin. Fruit.
Snack: Slice of toasted whole wheat bread with honey.
Dinner: Watercress salad with goat cheese and blueberries, omelet from 2 eggs and fruit.

Our Opinion: Free diet exercise programs are recommended for individuals who enjoy their treats but can exercise regularly to burn some of the extra calories. The only real restriction is to cut down on those obviously unhealthy and excessively fatty foods like fries, sauced ribs, creamy pastries, alcohol shots etc.
However, it's not necessary to run marathons or climb mountains as part of your exercise routines, as long as you exercise regularly.
To sum up: Nothing done in extreme is recommended. Learn how to eat in moderation and enjoy exercising without addiction.

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Use these free diet exercise programs to help burn the calories:

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getting slim fat burning

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