Fat burning foods that help you lose weight

"...thanks Timothy, I always wanted to know what are the fat burning foods that help YOU lose weight... I can't believe I've been wasting my money on multi vitamins!!"


Proven fat burning foods: Burn that stubborn fat faster...

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These fat burning foods are proven to help burn fat faster and with less effort. (Obviously to get maximum benefits you need to follow a healthy diet plan and exercise program.)

* Cinnamon controls blood sugar levels, insulin sensitivity and is also a powerful antioxidant. (See Cinnamon and weight loss.)

When cinnamon is ingested it produces energy and won't be stored as fat.
By controlling blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity you can help your body to produce less insulin and therefore send less signals to the brain to store fat.

You can use cinnamon to lose weight by adding it to meals like yogurt, smoothies, oatmeal breakfast, or anything you think may taste good with cinnamon...

* Chili: One teaspoon of chili in your food will burn up to 15% more calories, and will elevate your metabolism for up to 2 hours after your meal. Fresh chili peppers also contain antioxidants which protect your heart.

* Turmeric:
Assists in digesting fats by enhancing bile produced in the gall bladder. This helps with improving digestion and therefore fat-burning. Studies have demonstrated that Turmeric also reduces inflammation caused by Irritable Bowel Syndrome, ulcers, and Crohn’s disease.

Curcumin (a chemical found in Turmeric) helps decrease the oxidation of plaque on the artery walls.

It's also a powerful anti-inflammatory used to treat osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and joint pain.

* Algae: Algae reduces the absorption of fats from foods. Researchers at Newcastle University say that algae can prevent fat absorption by up to 75%. It has also been linked with cancer fighting properties.

* Tea: Drinking green, black or red tea will boost your metabolism. Studies show that 5-6 cups of tea will can burn up to 80/100 calories each day. Green tea contains the largest amount of antioxidants which help to fight cancer.

* Ginger: Dutch Researchers believe that ginger increases thermogenesis - when your body burns fat to generate heat. Ginger is also known to improve circulation.

* Coffee: The caffeine from raw coffee beans can boost the metabolic rate and burn calories more quickly. And researchers in Australia have shown that caffeine can increase the amount of calories burned during exercise.

* Yogurt: Rich in a friendly bacteria (probiotics) that reduce the fat absorbed by our body. Many nutritionists consider
Is yogurt a super food?
The carbohydrates, proteins and fat are very filling and control blood sugar levels.
NOTE: A study by the University of Tennessee showed that folks who used yogurt in their diets lost 60% more fat from the stomach and hips than folks who didn't!!

All the best,

Timothy Hanks

-- Fat burning foods that help you lose weight --

Antioxidant Secrets: A youthful appearance, but a leaner, stronger, healthier Body too...

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I’m sure you've already heard about the health benefits of foods that are rich in anti-oxidants...
These powerful free-radical fighting antioxidants can keep you feeling and looking younger and help to slow down the aging process.
But did you know they also:

- Fight against cancer, heart disease, and many other degenerative diseases?
- Improve your recovery time after exercise (Very important)

The antioxidants actually inhibit free radicals that are normally produced during exercise. These are responsible for creating inflammation. Ingest a good dose of antioxidants about an hour before exercising and you will greatly reduce the effects of free radicals.

(Your body is actually bombarded every day by free radicals through air pollution, junk food, exposure to smoke, sun, chemicals, etc.)

Some of the best sources antioxidants (found in natural food) are from raspberries, cranberries, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, acai fruit, black tea, rooibos (red tea), green tea, white tea, yerba mate, oolong tea, chamomile tea, red tea, nuts, red and black beans, seeds, purple potatoes, coffee, dark chocolate or cocoa, grapes, red wine and many other fruits and vegetables.

Many spices are a great source of antioxidants too: cinnamon, basil, black pepper, turmeric, oregano, and most other spices & herbs.

Before a workout I like to have an antioxidant packed snack:
I spread some almond butter on a slice of whole grain toast and a small dollop of blackberry jam, which I then top with some fresh blueberries (or strawberries). As a refreshing drink I will have some iced rooibos or green tea sweetened with a little raw honey.

My friends at Prograde have just designed a powerful antioxidant blend. Since I personally know the staff of this company, I know this blend is great quality...

I don't typically recommend supplements (most are usually bogus), I do recommend a good antioxidant blend and Krill oil (more powerful than fish oil).

This Prograde antioxidant blend (Prograde Longevity) contains::

* pomegranate
* biovin grape
* acai berry
* green tea
* coffee berry
* wolfberry

I'll include the link to this antioxidant blend below.

Remember, antioxidants are only one part of a healthy diet. You'll need a good exercise program and healthy overall diet to get a lean, muscular, youthful body...

All the best,

Timothy Hanks

-- Fat burning foods that help you lose weight --

Get Longevity from Prograde

Diet Soda! Do you really drink that?!: Why diet soda is not a food that will help you lose weight...

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I was thinking about some of my old eating habits, when I was fatter and unhealthier (the average American really). I remember cutting out soda - because of the Nasty Chemicals and Gut-Fattening corn syrup.

So what's the obvious alternative? Diet Soda right? A couple of diet sodas a day and nothing to feel guilty about...

Well, with the new lifestyle and the drop in calories I did start to lose weight, even if I was a bit addicted to Artificial Sweeteners.

But then guess what?

I started gaining fat again.

Feeling confused I did some research and found an 8-year *University of Texas study*
In an Interview they say:
"What didn't surprise us was that soft drink use was linked to overweight and obesity," - Fowler tells WebMD.
"What WAS Surprising was people who drank only diet soda were at an even higher risk of obesity."
"A *41 Percent Increase* in risk of being overweight for every can of diet soda a person consumes each day," - Fowler says.

They mention a Number of reasons as to why this happens:

° Artificial sweeteners in diet sodas increase fat storing hormone production and increase cravings for more sweets and refined carbohydrates.

° Also, some people subconsciously permit themselves to eat a *little* more of everything else because they are drinking Diet.

° And, the more time your liver spends metabolizing the diet soda chemicals the less time it spends burning fat.

So, that little voice in my head that kept asking "is this good for you", Was right, after all.
So what is a good alternative to diet soda?

Good old water with lemon or unsweetened iced teas... Green, white, black, oolong, red etc.

Be creative, you'll enjoy it, and you'll get a good array of antioxidants.
Don't just stick to one tea, drink a variety to get all the benefits.

All the best,

-- Fat burning foods that help you lose weight --

The truth about Wulong Tea!: A Lesser-told Tea Tale.... say that 20 times

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Foods that help you lose weight:

Timothy Hanks here. I would like to let off a bit of 'fatburn steam' ...

You may or may not have seen recently advertised on the TV and Internet the New "Wu-Tea" or "WuLong" tea Ads claiming to be the miracle cure to fat loss.

So what's the deal?

The fact is that Most of these new tea products are in fact nothing but plain old oolong tea.
Some have other teas mixed in but most are just oolong tea.

Using "Wu" in the name is just a clever marketing ploy to make you think this is some new secret miracle fat burning and metabolism boosting tea.

Basically, they just charge outrageous prices for Oolong tea.
If you go to your local health food store you can get a whole box of oolong tea with the same (minor) fat loss benefits and antioxidants for a fraction of the price.

A better idea is to drink a variety of teas like green tea, white tea, oolong tea, and black tea to get a wider range of nutritional benefits.

I prefer to focus on the quality of my overall diet, rather than break the budget on one single item. Anyway, I feel it's my duty to let you know when a product doesn't live up to the Hype.
So while you see all these ads or so called 'experts' recommending it you can be sure it's no miracle substance.

When I recommend something it's a product that really works and is great value for money.
Just thought you would appreciate the advice, And I got to let off some steam :-)

All the best,
Timothy Hanks

--Fat burning foods that help you lose weight--

but WHAT does a Weight Loss Coach Eat?!: The truth about minerals and metabolism boosting foods...

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Foods that help you lose weight:

So today I'm Baring It All.
Well, not All...

It's quite funny to me how often I get asked... "Timothy, What The Heck Do YOU Eat?!
I never expected people to be so interested in my diet, but ok here goes:

For me Meal sizes and frequency are very important. Over the years people are amazed by how much food I eat at work...

I make sure that I keep my metabolism elevated by eating smaller meals more often for example at 7:30, 10:00 12:00 3:00 5:30 and 8:00. And my largest meal will be at 3.00 Pm

The advantages of eating small meals more often are that:

* You make sure all your food is metabolized. (For a normal North American a large portion of their food is not metabolized and either wasted or stored as fat.)

* With only 3 large meals your blood sugar level will fluctuate a lot throughout the day. If you have a big meal then a long break and then another meal you will feel your energy level constantly going up and down.

* You can really vary what you eat and enjoy food more when you do not have four or five things to eat at a time.

Here is a sample of what my diet will be for a day:

7:30 Bagel and Natural Peanut Butter (Or Cereals) and Fruit & Nut Smoothie
10:00 Apple, Protein bar, Tea
12:00 Frozen lunch entré (or leftovers from last nights dinner)
3:00 2 Bananas and a Granola bar (or a chocolate bar in place of the granola bar) and a Portion of non-fried, non-salted Nuts.
5:30 Dinner: Meat (or fish) & vegetables (and maybe desert every 2nd or 3rd night)
8:00 Popcorn and/or fruit

You will notice that this is not the best diet, nonetheless it still has a good range of nutrients, carbs, protein and fiber! I really have some work to do... but the meals are spaced and the sizes are smaller.

I try to get about 30 grams of protein and 50 grams of carbohydrates. This gives me the energy I need to get through a great day including a hard workout. (Your body is able to assimilate this amount of protein every 3 hours or so.)

Vitamins and Supplements:

As you may already know I'm not too worried about multi Vitamins - the best source of vitamins are from the organic foods you eat.
The reality is that Common synthetic based multis usually either go undigested or are poorly absorbed by the body. (They are rejected by the liver as “non-food items”.)

So what Do I take...

Metabolism-Boosting Nutrients from Prograde (I'll put the link below this article).

What metabolism boosting nutrients am I talking about?

* Nutrients found in Cruciferous veggies that help fight the xenoestrogens your body is exposed to (that can make stomach fat particularly stubborn to burn)
* Green/black/white/oolong teas
* Capsaicin (has a slight thermogenic effect and increase in calorie burning)
* Cinnamon - proven to control blood sugar levels, improves insulin sensitivity, and helps control appetite/cravings (among other things)
* L-tyrosine, AKG, and a few other goodies

None of these metabolism boosting nutrients are "miracles" that will magically transform your body... But, I do honestly believe that if you on a consistent basis combine a lot of these minor aspects (like spices, teas, food types) etc It will render a notable increase in your weight loss results.

Well I hope that satisfies the curiosity of many of you :-)
And hopefully you can squeeze some new ideas from this to utilize in your own diet.

All the best,

-- Fat burning foods that help you lose weight --

Click here to get info about Metabolism Boosting Nutrients from Prograde

The truth about Multi-Vitamins: Does your body even recognize Multis as food?

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Foods that help you lose weight:
You may already know this but I’m not “big” on most nutritional supplements...

In fact, after years of reading health journals I’ve come to realize that most are either ineffective, overkill, or just a waste of money.

But what about your basic multi-vitamin and mineral?

Everybody recognizes the potential benefits to their health...
There must be something to it, walk into any health food store or drugstore and there's a ridiculous amount of choices!
You stand there scratching your head, wondering which one is the best.

So what should you look for?
- Simple, check if the supplement is based on whole foods sources.

If your multi-vitamin/mineral is synthetic based drop it now.


Common synthetic based multis usually either go undigested or are poorly absorbed by the body.
They are rejected by the liver as “non-food items”.
You're trying to fool millennia of evolution with synthetic 'food'.

You will also need to check whether the multi contains all 7 essential classes of nutrients that your body needs, especially for fat loss and energy.

These include: vitamins, macro minerals, trace minerals, enzymes, amino-acids, phytonutrients, and essential fatty acids.
In reality, this is beyond almost all multis, because we're talking about a 'whole foods based' nutrient complex...

The whole foods multi that I use is supplied by Prograde (I'll put the link below.)

Feed your body a whole foods based multi like the one from Prograde, and your body recognizes it as food. It responds accordingly and uses the vital nutrients so you can experience faster fat loss and a better quality of life.

Here’s to getting lean, slim, and healthy for life.

Timothy Hanks

-- Fat burning foods that help you lose weight --

Check out the multi I use
Prograde Multi Vitamin for Men
Prograde Multi Vitamin for Women

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