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"Discover the most powerful fat burning food that increases metabolism..."

(For a list of powerful foods that boost metabolism see the top 15 fat burning foods)

What are the best foods to speed up metabolism naturally?

What criteria makes certain foods super fat burning metabolism boosting foods?

  • The food should be low in calories but high in nutritional value.
  • A powerful metabolism boosting food should be both tasty and filling.
  • It should be easy to incorporate the food into recipes and your routine i.e. a food that can become a part of your lifestyle.
  • Other than the obvious health benefits the food should have additional benefits like helping to boost your metabolic rate, lower your insulin level, be rich in lean muscle building protein etc.
green tea fat burning

Green tea has important weight loss and metabolism boosting functions, and is already found as one of the ingredients of many popular diet pills.
One of the livers functions while processing foods is to create Triglyceride. Triglyceride is absorbed into the bloodstream, taken to the cells and tissues of our body and used as an energy source. Unfortunately if there is too much Triglyceride it is turned into fat.

By drinking green tea (which is rich in Polyphenols) you can activate an enzyme to help dissolve excess Triglyceride and therefore help in burning fat and weight loss.

Green teas are very rich in Antioxidants, an important one is Epigallocatechin Gallate ( EGCG), and Caffeine. These 2 ingredients stimulate our nervous system causing fat to be released in the blood stream and used as fuel. The result is a powerful fat burning food that increases metabolism, provides extra energy, removes excess water, helps burn body fat and stimulates weight loss!

Oh yes, and Antioxidants have powerful anti-aging properties, and are actively used in fighting cancer!

Water.Yes, water is a food and is the most vital ingredient to sustaining body functions. You can go without food for much longer than you could go without water!

water fat burning
Unknown to many, water is one of our biggest friends when it comes to fat burning and weight loss. How? Well it has to do with the liver again. One of the liver's most important functions is to burn fat, but we are all guilty of overburdening our livers with chemical laden foods to process that it spends more time processing chemicals than its important fat burning role.

By drinking water you can help flush these chemicals and other waste materials through to the kidneys and therefore remove some of the burden from the liver, therefore giving the liver more time to concentrate on burning fat.
Water also cleanses the body, improves digestion, and helps our cells to function more efficiently and therefore speed up recovery.

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Negative Calorie Fruits. Obviously there are many of the same advantages with vegetables but I put fruit in this super food list because of the delicious desserts you can make height weight tables .

raspberry fruit nutrition facts

So what are negative calorie foods or low calorie fruits? These are fruits that use up more energy (calories) during digestion and absorption into our bodies than the calorie value of the food. You also get the nutritional boost and fiber rich content that is very important for the digestive system.

These top fat burning metabolism boosting fruits are also filling and give a powerful sustained energy boost. And because fruits are usually eaten raw you get more nutrition and enzyme value (which is reduced during cooking). Enzymes are very important for breaking down foods during digestion.
For a list of these and other top negative calorie fruits visit list of low calorie foods.

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The most powerful food that increases metabolism and burns fat (Our top pick)

Free salmon fat burning Foods

Salmon must be the top fat burning food that increases metabolism. It's rich in protein, low in saturated fats, a known brain food, has a high Omega-3 fatty acid content (helps lower the body's leptin levels, increase our metabolic rate and burns more calories) and most importantly, Salmon is very filling.

Salmon is easily adaptable to many recipes and usually prepared very healthy (grilled or poached).

Note: Omega 3 fatty acids are known to improve cardiovascular health, increase the efficiency of veins and arteries and strengthen the heart. Omega 3 fatty acids lower bad cholesterol levels, help regulate blood pressure, and increase good cholesterol levels (HDL).
Of course a healthy motor boosts metabolism!

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Hopefully our advice about food that increases metabolism can give you some great fat burning diet recipe ideas. Now navigate from food that increases metabolism to alphabetical list of calories in foods, Naturally increase metabolism, foods increase metabolism or top 15 fat burning foods.
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