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Everyone admires beautiful female abs, however both women and men rate ab exercises to be among the toughest of routines. This is not necessarily true, abdominal exercises can be easier than you think.

Both the upper abdominal muscles and lower abdominal muscles need to be worked to get the best look, and overall strength. There are a variety of ABS exercises that can work but here are three of the best ab exercises for women who want beautiful female six pack ABS.

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The exercise ball crunches

This is a good routine if you are just starting to exercise.

Step 1 - Sit on the ball and put your hands behind your head. Stretch your legs out and lower your body down the ball slowly until only your back and shoulders remain on top of the ball. Your legs should be a shoulder width apart.

Step 2 - Lift your pelvic area to straighten your lower back, now tighten your buttocks and contract the abdominal muscles.

Step 3 - Keeping your elbows pointing out to the side slowly raise your shoulders slightly. Important: Don't put pressure on the neck. You should feel the crunch in the abdominals, thighs and buttocks.

Step 4 - Keep the position for a moment then slowly lower the shoulders to the ball.

Rest for 30 seconds between sets. Do 2 or 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions every other day.

Female six pack ABS: The easy cycle

Step 1 - Lie on your back with your hands behind your head and with your legs straight out.

Step 2 - Contract your abdominal muscles and lift one leg, bending your knee while lifting your shoulders slightly off the floor. Don't put pressure on your neck.

Step 3 - Now bring your right elbow and right knee together.

Step 4 - Now switch sides so that the left knee and left elbow touch.

Move through the positions slowly. You can vary this ab exercise by bringing the knee and elbow of opposite sides together. This will require the upper body to turn slightly from side to side.

This maneuver is very effective and works the oblique and the upper and lower abdominals.

Female six pack ABS: The captain's chair

Step 1 - The body is held upright by the arms that are resting on full arm bars. The lower back should be straight and supported by a back rest.

Step 2 - Contract the abdominal muscles and lift both knees slowly up towards the chest,

Step 3 - Pause and then lower both legs slowly back to the starting position. The abdominal muscles are constantly contracted throughout the exercise.

This abdominal routine works muscles from the upper and lower abs, the back and the arms giving a total core exercise.

The best results for great female six pack ABS

One shouldn't focus only on abdominal exercise (women especially), to get beautiful ABS you will also need to concentrate on the layer of tummy fat covering them. To make these exercises pay off you need to consider the following:

  • Eat a well-balanced low-saturated fat diet
  • Do cardio or aerobic warm-ups before a workout
  • Stretch both before and after exercise for increased flexibility
  • Make regular exercise a part of your lifestyle

Pay attention to what you eat and when you eat. This is as important as exercising if you want to lose weight or maintain your ideal body weight. If you want results you have to do the things necessary to get the results. You want your exercise programs to become second nature and part of your daily routine. Aspire to get the beautiful female six pack ABS you always wanted.
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We hope these exercises help you to get the beautiful female six pack ABS that you want.
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