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Why all the bad talk about fast foods?
Is there really anything to it or is it just scare mongering conjured up by greedy farmers trying to sell us more Fruits and Vegetables? fast food dangers

Could it be coincidence that the rise in popularity of fast food restaurants over the last 50 years has gone hand in hand with the increase in belt size?! The average American adult is a lot heavier today than 4 decades ago, and the average American teenager even more so. Certainly cause for concern, especially since the youth are 'mercilessly' targeted by the fast food industry.

Our food portions are much larger too.
A typical fast food restaurant hamburger weighs six ounces while in the late 1950s it weighed only one ounce, and the average meal eaten at a fast food restaurant has a staggering 1,500 calories!

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Fast food danger: What's so unhealthy about fast food

Simply put, fast food is not only Not nutritious but it has a very high fat, sugar, calorie, starch and salt content. And because, generally speaking, fast foods lack fiber, vitamins and minerals this means that your body will probably be hungry for more food soon after.
Now if you thought this was the worst of the fast food dangers then you may not want to read further.

The really scary thing is that most of these fast foods are not even prepared in a kitchen but rather in laboratory-like factory environments. The content of chemicals, preservatives and dyes that are added is staggering. These chemicals and preservatives have the effect of slowing down the degradation of the food; hence the name preservative.

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You see, most natural and nutritious foods contain enzymes; enzymes are catalysts that increase the rate of chemical reactions i.e. they help speed up the digestion process, but if the foods you eat are so loaded with preservatives the food simply doesn't break down.

In fact, a recent study was done on the popular chicken nuggets.
Ingredients: Chicken and bread crumbs right? Wrong. The McDonalds chicken nugget contains 27 different ingredients, Wendy's chicken nuggets 30 ingredients, and Burger King's chicken nuggets have 35 ingredients!

Another concern is that your liver is so overburdened with trying to process all these chemicals and preservatives that it has very little time to contribute to the natural metabolism and fat burning process of your body. That is to say, you will burn less fat.

Fast food risks: Obvious health concerns

Too much fat gives us high cholesterol and too much salt will raise our blood pressure. And too much fat, salt and other harmful chemicals will interfere with our metabolism, hormones, fat burning process, liver function, digestive system, heart and lung function etc. etc.
Fast food danger: Common fast food health risks:

  • Heart disease and Strokes
  • Breast Cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Diabetes (6th highest cause of death in America)
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma

There are so many healthier food alternatives that will satisfy your food cravings and supply the important vitamins, minerals and fiber that your body needs. See proper nutrition for athletes to discover how our body needs different types of foods and Fruit nutrition facts and Vegetable nutrition facts to re-discover the potency and healing properties of healthy food.
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