Diet plan for fatty liver

"Discover what is fatty liver disease, what are some fatty liver symptoms, and get a diet plan for fatty liver disease..."

What is fatty liver disease?

diet plan for fatty liver

If there exists an accumulation of fat in the liver this could mean the liver is losing its ability to break up fats and may be the start of fatty liver disease. If the condition is non-alcohol related it is known as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

All is not bad, though, a healthy diet and exercise routine could help lessen the amount of accumulated fat, lower liver enzyme levels and decrease insulin resistance. You should speak to a doctor about a good fatty liver diet plan and exercise routine.

Fatty liver symptoms

Fatty liver symptoms include (and can also be triggered by) diabetes, obesity, rapid weight loss (perhaps from gastric bypass surgery or radical fasting) fatigue and high cholesterol. (Please consult with a doctor.)

Diet for Fatty Liver

A good fatty liver diet is high in fiber and low in saturated fat and calories. The key is to take it slow, don't change your lifestyle overnight. Losing weight too quickly could actually worsen the disease. Rather concentrate on cleansing the liver and slow responsible weight loss.

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Diet plan for fatty liver: The best types of foods

Whole grain and high fiber foods like brown rice, bulgur wheat, quinoa, nuts and seeds. Most breakfast cereals are usually not complex carbohydrates (they could give insulin spikes) try to select only whole grain high fiber cereals.

Fresh organic vegetables preferably raw or steamed. Grilled vegetables are also fine but use a light hand with the spices. See raw vegetable recipes for some healthy vegetable ideas.

Seafood is a good protein source and low in saturated fat. Salmon is especially healthy and rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. See 15 fat burning foods for more low calorie, low fat food ideas.

Lean meats like skinless turkey and chicken are a rich source of lean tissue building protein but still low in fat. A salad topped with chicken pieces is always enjoyable.

Fresh fruit desserts have all the sugar your body needs. Try to eat the fruits after a healthy meal so that the food already eaten will slow the absorption of the sugar into the blood stream. More about the health benefits of fruit at fruit nutrition facts.

Foods to avoid in a diet plan for fatty liver

High-glycemic foods like white bread, white rice, most processed breakfast cereals and sugars raise the blood sugar level too fast and can cause insulin spikes that signal to the body to store fat.


Hopefully this info on fatty liver symptoms and what is fatty liver will help you with a healthy diet plan for fatty liver. (Always consult a doctor first.)
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