What is my Ideal Weight?
Use the 'correct weight for height' chart below.

On the 'correct weight for height chart' below the healthy weight height category is shown in yellow. Compare your own height and weight measurements versus the healthy zone.

What is the correct weight for height range? A normal height to weight ratio or BMI (body mass index) usually lies between 20-25. However we also need to take into account varying body shapes, bone structures and muscle to fat ratios.

For example, if you have a naturally muscular body composition you may find that according to the BMI calculator chart your measurements sit in the overweight category. If this is the case I suggest you visit what is my body shape for advice based on height and waist size rather than height and weight.

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Note: This chart is only a guide and isn't suitable for children or the elderly.

Correct weight for height chart (BMI)
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correct weight for height

The white or under weight zone (BMI <20) indicates that you might be under weight for your height. Any effort to increase weight should be part of a well-balanced and nutritious diet.

The yellow or OK zone (BMI 20 - 25) indicates that you're eating and burning food in correct proportions to keep your weight in the optimal healthy height weight range. Nonetheless you should still be certain that you're eating a healthy balanced diet.

The orange or overweight zone (BMI >25) is a warning to pay more attention to proper diet and exercise and not to put any more weight on. You should aim to burn a little fat every week, until you enter the OK weight range.

The red zones signal an increased risk of heart disease, type II diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis and certain types of cancer. It's critical that you to lose weight responsibly and safely. However if you have had problems losing weight in the past, first consult your GP.


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