Comparing weight loss programs:
Weight loss program comparison

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 • 1. The diet solution program
 • 2. Fat Burning Furnace
 • 3. Fat Loss 4 Idiots

1. The Diet Solution Program

Comparing weight loss programs
In the billion dollar diet and weight loss industry there's certainly no shortage of gadgets and pills we can use, Guru's to tell us what we should or shouldn't be doing, and sensationalistic gossip mags to tell us what our favorite celebrity did to shed the pounds.

Some “experts” suggest eating low-fat foods, others say fat is not the issue but you should rather reduce/eliminate carbs. Others play it safe and say it's not the source of the calories that's important, rather, we need to reduce our daily calorie consumption.
And yet obesity rates are rising, and most people are finding it even more difficult to lose weight and keep it off for good.

So what do fad diets have in common?
A feeling you can't quite shake about whether this is something that is actually good for your health. Should you be eliminating certain food groups? Should you really be neglecting exercise? Why do you have to buy their special products/supplements as well? Are you going to have enough energy to get through the day and still fight off the hunger pangs? And will you be able to keep the weight off long term?

So it was a breath of fresh air when I first heard Isabel de los Rios. And it's so true that you instinctively know when you are hearing industry leading information about lifestyle and diet changes. It just makes sense.
Isabel tells us that cutting carbs, consuming low fat foods, or counting calories is non-productive. It won’t make you lose weight or feel healthier. Actually, she insists that you “eat lots of food in order to burn fat...”

Strange? Nonetheless, this is the basis of “The Diet Solution Program”.
You fill out a quick survey to determine your metabolic type and they tailor a diet to suit you (certainly a far cry from the one-size-fits-all-fad-diet).

It’s worthwhile noting that Isabel is an actual certified nutritionist (unlike the majority of the fad diet creators). She has a University degree in exercise physiology and is a certified NSCA Strength and Conditioning Expert.

(Comparing weight loss programs.)
What results can you expect with the Diet Solution Program?

The Diet Program Solution was not designed to give massive weight loss results overnight. By Isabel's own admission, you should expect to lose 10-15 pounds in six weeks.
Of course, this falls way short of the incredible weight loss promises given by most fad diet creators, but then, perhaps that’s what many find so attractive about the Diet Solution Program - it focuses on lifestyle changes and keeping the weight off for good.

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Comparing weight loss programs.

2. Fat Burning Furnace

Comparing weight loss programs

If I had to use one sentence to sum up Fat Burning Furnace it would be "Dieting has been over-complicated, Rob Poulos has changed this."
Even professionals disagree about the best way to diet. Is it because no one really knows?
Or perhaps it's something sinister? Maybe big corporations in the diet industry know perfectly well the best methods to lose weight, but if you're all successful then and who's going to buy their billions of dollars of products!?

Rob certainly doesn't hesitate to play on this point. He claims that he will peel away the complexities related to proper exercise and nutrition, and slams questionable, outdated dieting techniques.
Rob explains that many diets emphasize weight loss, rather than fat loss, and says these diets only help you to burn water weight (and suffer dehydration) rather than burn fat.

Low carb diets and celebrity diets also don't escape a serious lambasting from Rob. He minces no words or explanations about how expensive and highly inefficient they are (in the long term).

(Comparing weight loss programs)
Is Fat Burning Furnace for you?

Not all buyers of the fat burning program have been completely satisfied (even the author acknowledges this). While the product generally receives positive reviews some people have written to me saying that the program focuses more on exercises and could do with some more guidelines on proper dieting techniques.

A key part of the program are the short intense workouts that you will need to do. These sessions burn calories in short amounts of time so you don't have to spend your life in the gym.
Folks who enjoy fat burning furnace are generally active people (or those who are looking for constructive ways to get the blood flowing).

So, should you buy fat burning furnace or not?
Well, if you’re more focused on a powerful dieting guide, then I suggest the Diet Solution Program is the way to go. However, if you don't have a problem incorporating some exercise routines into your lifestyle then fat burning furnace may be the right weight loss program for you.

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Comparing weight loss programs.

3. Fat Loss For Idiots

Comparing weight loss programs

I was skeptical the first time I was introduced to fat Loss For Idiots. The fat loss struck me as a little Too Rapid for my liking, and therefore triggered alarm bells for the potential loss of lean muscle mass (which would reduce metabolism).
I always suggest to do things that you can stick to i.e. Make small lifestyle changes rather than do short term diets...

If it wasn't that my wife's stepmother was so insistent that I read through some of the material then I think Fat Loss For Idiots may have been included in my list of fad diets. 

My wife's step-mom is certainly no stranger to dieting. Just to 'draw a picture'... she's tried just about everything including blood analysis, dieticians, hypnosis, motivational CD's and just about every diet pill and fad diet that Hollywood threw her way... she was even considering Surgery.
So I was rather surprised when something worked for her.

The Fat Loss 4 Idiots program is based around 3 main concepts:

1. You Eat 4 or 5 times a day until you are satisfied but not overfull.
2. You go on the diet for 9 days and then take two days off and eat what you like.
3. You do a bit of walking everyday.

A special Diet Generator (on the site) personalizes your meal plans according to Your taste and lifestyle.
The system is 'idiot proof' in the sense that it really entrenches correct eating habits and explains how to maintain a good healthy weight. 

(Comparing weight loss programs.)
Is Fat Loss 4 Idiots for you?

My biggest concern with the program is that it falls just outside of what I would consider a safe range for weight loss versus time.
Of course, I do understand that there are life situations that require rapid weight loss (people want to look good for their weddings or reunions; sometimes folks need to lose weight before surgery etc.) and this may be the program for you if you would like to do it in as healthy a manner as possible.

What I liked:
All the foods can be picked up from your local grocery store.
At $39 the program is a lot cheaper than only 2 weeks on Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig.
The 60 Day money back guarantee.

My suggestions: If possible, try to incorporate a bit more exercise into the program. The extra calories that you burn with the workouts should be added onto your daily food consumption. In this manner you should be able to maintain your lean muscle mass.

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