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"A (not so?) surprising discovery of calories in popular alcoholic drinks..."

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calories in popular alcoholic drinks

It's surprising how many people are unaware of the high calorie content of popular alcoholic drinks. For instance how many people know that a cream liquor shot can contain 160 calories, the same amount of calories as a serving (3,5 oz / 100grams) of scrambled eggs. Or that a pint of lager (16 oz / 500 ml) has around 180 calories, the same amount of calories in a large slice of chocolate cake! (See calories in popular foods.)

What usually adds insult to injury is that heavy drinking sessions weakens our resolve (to put it mildly) and more often than not they are followed by equally unhealthy food binges; usually the saltier and fattier the better. And let's not even talk about breakfast the next morning. Come on admit it, I will, I'm just as guilty.

Even more bad news... alcohol is classed as 'empty' calories. It has zero nutritional value, and with 7 calories per gram, alcohol only comes 2nd to pure fat (9 calories/gram). Alcohol also slows down one's metabolism (which means you burn less fat) and inhibits one's liver from metabolizing fat. Aaargh, shoot me now.

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Alcohol calorie chart showing calories in popular alcoholic drinks

Important: This alcohol calorie chart is to be used as a guide only. Alcohol Calorie contents can differ between various brands of wines, beers and spirits. Even 'Pint' sizes vary from continent to continent.

Alcohol Type Calorie Content
Pint of beer 180
Glass of red wine 120
Glass of white wine 116
Glass of Champagne  95
Pint of cider  200
1 shot of Vodka  50
1 tot of Rum  50
1 tot of Whiskey  50
Cream Liqueur  160
Southern Comfort  80
Tia Maria  66
Jack Daniels  60
Mixer (soda) 50
Mixer (juice) 50

A night out for many guys (even if you don't recall) can consist of a couple of beers and some shots, and for the ladies perhaps the same, a few glasses of wine or some liqueur and mixers.
So just to put things into perspective:

  • 4 pints of beer = 4 x 180 = 720 Calories
  • 2 shots of creamy liqueurs = 2 x 160 = 320 Calories

That's 1040 Calories without even bending the elbow that much, the equivalent of a large meal!

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If you want to cut down on alcohol calorie intake see our ideas for low calorie alcoholic drinks (that's the simple option) or make some lifestyle changes (the not so simple option) ...

How to reduce your calorie intake from alcohol consumption

  • Make your first drink a light soda or any non alcoholic drink. Just do it! Usually the first drink goes down way too fast, and any desire that you had for moderation usually dissolves with that first alcoholic drink. Trust me on this one.
  • If you have to attend functions or parties during the week then stick to non or low alcoholic beverages.
  • Now write this on your forehead so that the bartender can read it 'After every alcoholic drink please give me a water or light soda drink'.
  • Don't drink to get trashed. If you do then there's probably something wrong with your social environment. Yes, of course alcohol finely tunes your social skills, but remember there's a fine line between 'Don Juan' and 'annoying drunk'.
  • If you enjoy mixers then order them with plenty of ice and diet/low calorie sodas.
  • Visit our ideas and recipes for low calorie alcoholic beverages

Hopefully you will use this information about calories in popular alcoholic drinks to help you make healthier lifestyle choices.
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