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"Note: Only using your weight loss percentage to track your progress is NOT enough. I have included some better methods just below..."

Are you tracking your weight loss progress properly?

If you don’t correctly measure overall changes in body composition and appearance, how will you know for certain if your fat loss program is even working?

Here are 4 weight loss progress tracking methods that you can integrate into your program…

1) Changes In Body Weight (calculate weight loss percentage).

This is the most obvious method of fat loss progress tracking. While it should be included in your fat loss arsenal it would be a mistake to rely on it as your sole means of checking your progress.

In order to calculate weight loss percentage correctly you will need to know how much you weighed before you started your new lifestyle and how much you weigh now.
The calculation is:

Initial body weight Minus Current Body Weight divided by Initial body weight multiplied by 100

For example if your initial body weight was 180 pounds and your current body weight is 170 pounds the calculation would be:

(180 - 170) / 180 x 100 therefore (10)/180 x100 = 5.55% weight loss

Remember: Tracking overall weight loss does not consider body composition. After all, the most important objective of an effective fat burning program is to change your body composition. Your goal should be to lose body fat while maintaining muscle.
A better indicator of your progress would be to rather calculate how much body fat you're losing. You want to lose the fat, not the muscle!

2) Changes In Body Fat Percentage and Lean Body Mass.

Measuring body fat percentage and lean body mass is the best way to determine whether or not your program is working for you.

Once you have calculated your body fat percentage, you can combine it with your overall body weight to calculate your overall fat mass and lean body mass.

To calculate this is quite simple…

a) Body Weight multiplied by Body Fat Percentage will give your Fat Mass.

b) Body Weight minus Fat Mass will give your Lean Body Mass.

For example…

An individual weighs 170 pounds and has 15% body fat percentage.

170 X 0.15 = 25.5
170 – 25.5 = 144.5

The person has 25.5 pounds of fat mass and 144.5 pounds of lean body mass.

This method of progress tracking is by far the most important as it will show exactly how much body fat you are losing and whether or not you are maintaining or improving your lean body mass.

3) Body part Measurements.

Another effective method is to use a basic measuring tape.
Measure your major body parts once per week.

- Chest
- Waist
- Hips
- Upper arm
- Thigh

These are the body parts that will show the most significant amount of change in measurement from week to week.

4) Overall Appearance.

Of course, if you’re like the other 99.99% of people out there then your goal in losing body fat is to change the way you look.

Therefore it would be a good idea to record Before and after pictures. This is the best way to get an objective look at how your body has changed.
Since we look at ourselves in the mirror each day, it’s no surprise that you may not notice the subtle changes that are taking place.

If you haven’t been keeping records of your progress up to this point, I would suggest you get started.

All the best,

"Nothing Tastes as Good as Being Slim Feels."

Hope you enjoyed out tips on how to calculate weight loss percentage.
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