Benefit Of Regular Exercise | Daily Physical Activity

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Regular exercise benefits

Regular exercise benefits

Benefit Of Regular Exercise: When referring to physical exercise, it is necessary to understand the relationship between physical activity, health and disease.
We can not expect our bodies to function optimally and stay healthy for long if we abuse it, treating it as if we were outside, instead of providing the necessary care and healthy living habits.

The best defense against the incidence of disease is to work the muscles, bones, joints, heart, lungs and internal organs on a regular basis through a systematic program of physical exercise.

NOTE: It is important to classify and evaluate one's health status and lifestyle prior to developing a physical activity plan (See the "Good Basics" in the left menu).
The results of these assessments are then used to properly plan exercise programs that meet the individual needs, taking into account nutritional and dietary history, weight control, smoking, stress levels and behavior.

Benefit Of Regular Exercise | Daily Physical Activity.
REMEMBER that before embarking on any exercise plan, it is advisable to consult your doctor, especially if there have been changes in blood pressure, or symptoms such as fatigue with effort, pain or tightness in the chest or any apparent difficulty breathing.

Regularly scheduled exercises have very important health benefits like increased bone density, increased glucose tolerance, a lower incidence of colon cancer and coronary heart disease reduction, and cardiovascular fatalities.

Furthermore, in relation to sedentary people, many published studies show that those who exercise regularly can cope better with stress and are less likely to suffer from depression and anxiety.
From a cardiovascular standpoint, regular and sustained exercise (at least 45 minutes three or four times a week) helps reduce the risk of coronary disease and increases cardiac and pulmonary output as well as burns excess calories.

The Benefit Of Regular Exercise is well documented in terms of decreased heart rate and blood pressure as well as increased and better use of oxygen, and improved transport and release of oxygen. Basically, individuals have more energy and do not get tired as easily.

This index of cardiorespiratory fitness is known as maximum oxygen consumption "or" aerobic capacity.
After 20 years of age, maximum oxygen consumption drops by about 1% per year, but when utilizing an appropriate training program a physically fit person of 60 years age can achieve the same level of fitness that a sedentary 35 year old can!

"Walk and be happy and healthy"

- Must be regular and sustained.
- Lowers Blood Pressure.
- Fights obesity effectively, and allows for permanent control
- Decreases cholesterol levels
- Promotes reduced cigarette smoking
- Helps control diabetes.
- Reduces stress and anxiety and helps you sleep better.

Sedentary life style:
- Reduces the strength and efficiency of the heart
- Increases pulse and blood pressure
- Lowers respiratory effectiveness
- Promotes weight gain
- Leads to poor circulation
- Increases emotional overload associated with stress
- Decreases the willingness to work

Cardiovascular Diseases

"Circulatory" diseases are responsible for approximately 39% of the causes of death for people over 35 years of age, and the most significant exponent of these statistics are heart disease.
This is usually caused by a lack of blood supply to the heart muscle (myocardial ischemia) as a result of a progressive degenerative disorder known as atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis occurs with the accumulation and deposition of fat and fibrous plaques in the intima, or inner lining of the coronary arteries.

Benefit Of Regular Exercise | Daily Physical Activity
A moderate level of activity can help prevent attacks. Exercise improves patient's sense of well being, and through regular practice, a better quality of life and increase in self-esteem can be achieved.

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