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What most people do not realize is that it's not possible to burn fat in one specific area of the body. We are continuously expending energy (even while sleeping) but we have no control over which reserves our body draws this energy from. Our bodies will burn fat right around and throughout, and usually the first place where we added fat will be the last place it comes off!

I just wanted to get that fact out the way immediately because many people are looking for miracle belly fat diet recipes that target one specific area. So what is the best way to lose stomach fat?

The best diet to lose belly fat is one that uses metabolism boosting foods. This is because the secret to burning belly fat is the reduction of your overall body fat percentage.
Someone that knows a lot about burning belly fat is Mike Geary from the truth about Abs. His advice struck me as one of the most common sense approaches to losing belly fat, and is thankfully hype free!

How not to lose belly fat

  • Starvation diets are probably the worst approach to losing belly fat. Long periods between eating slows the body's metabolism drastically. The very first thing that will happen when we begin eating normally again is our body will store fat. Our bodies will protect themselves to prepare for the next fast.
    The best thing to do is to eat smaller portions more often, even 6 meals a day every 3 hours or so. This will drastically increase metabolism as we are sending signals to our bodies saying, "Hey, don't worry, burn up as much fat as you want, the next meal is coming very soon!"
  • An overnight change of diet and exercise routine. Whatever changes you make should be gradual and become a part of your lifestyle. Diets are temporary but a lifestyle change should be long term.
  • Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram. It's only 2nd to pure fat (9 calories/gram). For some great tips on low calorie alcoholic drinks and how to reduce alcohol intake visit low calorie alcoholic drinks.

Best flat stomach diet foods

  • Low or negative calorie foods are not only rich in nutrients and fiber but also have very low calorie contents. See our list of low calorie foods.
  • Metabolism boosting foods help boost our metabolic rate (the calories we burn daily with basic body functions). Some foods, like low fat milk, keep our insulin levels down. Foods like processed sugar provide insulin spikes that send signals to our bodies to store fat.
    See our top metabolism boosting foods at our Top 15 fat burning foods
  • Whole grain cereals and oats are complex carbohydrates that release their sugars slowly. They keep our insulin levels low and are rich in fiber.
  • Lean proteins like grilled white meats are important for building muscle tissue. As muscle tissue burns more calories than fat a person with a higher muscle mass will have a higher metabolic rate. Our bodies also burn more calories while digesting protein.

Our TOP 2 Fat Burning Recommendations:

Fat Loss Factor
The Truth About ABS

Best exercises to lose belly fat

The best belly fat burning exercises are ones that are used in combination with overall fitness routines and metabolism boosting exercises. Visit lower stomach flattening exercises for some more ideas about metabolism boosting exercises.
You will find the best exercises to burn belly fat (University Researched) at stomach flattening exercises or free exercises to flatten your stomach.


I hope these belly fat diet tips can help you to lose that stubborn belly fat.
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Or visit stomach flattening exercises home.

Our TOP 2 Fat Burning Recommendations:

Fat Loss Factor
The Truth About ABS

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