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"These are some of the best calorie burning aquatic exercise routines. Just a few minutes of these water routines will be extremely effective ..."

Water workouts and exercise routines

aquatic exercise routines

Aquatic workouts have a lot of advantages over circuit training, aerobics or machine workouts. You receive a high-intensity muscle-shaping and strength-building fitness regime that really burns a lot of calories. And the added bonus is that water is very gentle on your joints (virtually a zero impact exercise) and creates a natural resistance.
Simply treading water vigorously for a minute you can burn 11 calories, which is basically the same as running six miles per hour for a minute. But the advantage that water exercising has is that you engage more muscle fibers because of a larger range of motion..

The water exercises that I have given below will work and strengthen both the lower and upper major muscle groups for maximum weight loss and toning.

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Important tips for your aquatic exercise routines:

  • The water level that you work out in should be just below your chest at the height of your abs.
  • To increase resistance and intensity of your exercises you can wear water shoes or other aqua equipment.
  • Make certain you keep your posture during the water exercise routines otherwise you won't get the maximum benefits from your workout.
  • If you are just starting off you can do the upper and lower body water exercises separately.

1) Mr Froggie
This exercise is divided into 2 parts:
First, the upper body movements are performed by joining your hands in a scoop shape just below the water surface. Now push your hands up and down but always under the water surface. You can use water gloves to increase the resistance.

Second, the lower body movements are performed by standing with your legs wide apart and bringing your knees up through water surface and down again to the pool floor. This aquatic routine is great for the obliques.

2) Stomping Grapes
Stand with your legs wide apart and lifting one knee at a time to just below the water surface stomp your legs. Alternate between the left and right leg and and make certain to bring each leg back down to the pool bottom. This water exercise helps your rear and thighs.

For the upper-body movements, spread your arms out wide in front of you (but bent a little at the elbow joints to reduce stress) and alternate between pushing one arm down to your hips and bringing it back up. You can either wait until your arm is completely back up before starting with the other arm or for a more intense workout you push the one arm down while the other is moving up.

These aquatic exercise routines work your upper back, arms and shoulders. Again, for a more intense water workout wear water gloves.

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3) Fly little birdy
For the upper body exercise extend your arms out to the sides (with the elbows slightly bent to reduce stress) at the water surface level. Make certain your shoulders are back and chest slightly out, now lower your arms back to your sides and repeat the movement.

The lower body exercise is performed by starting from the lunge position, but with one leg behind the other and knees slightly bent. Now hop and switch legs moving one leg in front of the other (almost like skiing). These water aerobics workouts concentrate on you tush, legs, shoulders and back. Again, to increase resistance use water gloves or aquatic hand buoys.

How long should I do each of these water aerobics workouts?

Do each water routine for 3 minutes, then tread water gently for 30 seconds, using both the arms and legs to help.

How many calories do water exercises burn?

You can expect these aquatic exercise routines to burn around 100 calories every 10 minutes! If you already have an idea about how many calories you burn with regular exercising you will know that this is an absurd amount!
If you did water workouts only twice or three times a week you would see massive returns in just a few weeks.

Advanced water aerobics workouts for abs

The insane abs water workout. Stand vertically in the pool with your arms out to the side to give balance. Now bring one leg up to a horizontal position (okay I know we don't all have ballet practice, but as close as possible) trying not to bend the leg.
Bring the leg back down and repeat with the other leg.

The tendency here is to want to bounce off the pool bottom but don't do this. The change over of legs should be smooth and once you get the hang of it you should be able to do this hardly needing to touch the bottom of the pool by using your arms for stability.
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Hopefully these aquatic exercise routines will be a great addition to your fat burning arsenal.
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getting slim fat burning

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