Free best abdominal exercise for women

"The best free abdominal exercise for women to strengthen and tone the ABS..."

Would you kill to get a great torso like a movie star? Try these abdominal routines for women at home!

Remember, we are not trying to lose weight here (that's not possible doing only stomach routines) but rather we are trying to strengthen your muscle mass, tone up your belly and increase muscle volume.

  • Do not forget that if there is any exercise that you can not do (for medical reasons or otherwise) it is best to alternate strong abdominal exercises with some lighter ones. The most important thing is to have a consistent routine.

  • Mark a time of day and time to perform these exercises and take it as a time of relaxation in which you unwind and forget the other things of the day.

  • Learn to breathe correctly to complement your ab crunches under anaerobic conditions. The way you breathe can have a significant impact on toning your muscles.

  • Repeating the same exercise over and over reduces effectiveness in stimulating the muscles. Always vary your routine.
free best abdominal exercise for women

1. Pilates x 100: Best abdominal exercise for women

Lie back with your legs extended. Lift your head and shoulders, tighten the abdomen and keep your legs elevated at about 45 degrees. Arms close to the thighs, then move them down (a) up (b) rapidly to a count of 100.
Taking it a step beyond: Lower your legs a fraction after counting to 50.


best abdominal exercise for women

Below the waist

Lie down and raise your legs to an angle of 90 degrees with the feet pointing to your face (a).
Contract your stomach and keep your upper body low to the ground as you bend your legs toward your right side (b). Return to the original position and turn left.
More difficult still: Repeat 20 times if you want immediate results.

Knee Raises

knee raise abdominal exercise for women

Sit down, lean slightly back, straighten your back and support your arms behind your body. Lift your knees towards your torso with your ankles facing out (a), now tighten the belly and push your legs out (b). Return to the starting position and repeat 20 times.
More difficult still: Do not support yourself with your hands. (Very tough but very effective.)

Hopefully our page on the best abdominal exercise for women will help flatten stomach muscles and tone ABS, and be a great addition to your fat burning and fitness arsenal.
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