BMI Calculator Chart (Underweight or Overweight Calculator)


(Refer to the BMI Calculator chart shown below.)
Both body fat percentage and BMI (body mass index) are estimates of the total fat mass (the percentage that is adipose tissue) versus the lean body mass, the muscle, bone, organs, blood etc.

The Body Fat percentage is considered to be the more reliable measure of excess body weight because it differentiates between muscle mass and fat mass while the BMI chart lumps all masses into one figure. The Body Fat Percentage method however is used less often as the equipment and skilled people required to perform the task is not as readily available.

Nonetheless you can use the Body Mass Index BMI Calculator chart below as a useful guide to determine correct weight for height.

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Enter your height and weight in the BMI Calculator, choose Imperial or Metric and click to calculate.

Body Mass Index Calculator (or fondly: the overweight calculator)

Note: The chart is not suitable for children or older people and is meant as a guide only.

STEP 1. Enter your height and weight and use either the "Imperial" OR "Metric" Calculator.



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STEP 2  
Your body mass index
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Your maximum healthy weight is ...
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Once you've established your BMI you can also find more info about your category at what is my ideal weight. The BMI and body fat percentages can be used to monitor progress during a diet and/or exercise programs.


Note: Healthy people with a high muscle percentage may fall into the overweight category on the Body Mass Index calculator. If you feel this is the case you should BMI calculator chart in conjunction with the what is my body shape questionnaire.


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