3 Day 10lb diet Plan Review

"The 3 Day 10lb diet: Is it healthy? Will the weight loss last?
Is it just another 3 day Fad diet.."

What is the 3 day 10lb diet plan?

3 day 10lb diet plan

The 3 Day Diet plan is essentially a fasting diet that requires strict adherence to the guidelines: Drink little water and eat little calories (well below the recommended daily calorie intake that medical practitioners suggest). Sometimes the diet is repeated after intervals of a couple of days of normal eating.

The three 3 Day 10 lb Diet is largely a fad diet started in the mid 80's when there wasn't as much readily available information about metabolism, nutrition and exercise.

The 3 Day Diet plan is still followed by a disturbingly large amount of people, I guess lured by the promise of quick fat loss, detox cleansing and an increase in energy.
Jeff and Isabel have a fat loss plan that is responsible, well balanced and includes a wide variety of healthy foods. This is a researched and practiced diet program that addresses incorrect eating habits responsible for weight gain.
You'll be surprised at how little you have to 'suffer' if you're smart about weight loss.

Does the 3 day 10lb diet work?

Can one achieve a 10 pound weight loss in 3 days?
Of course this largely depends on one's body weight to begin with and the level of motivation. Unfortunately, most of the weight loss will not be fat loss, but rather fluid loss and lean muscle tissue! Not good, considering muscle is a very important part of your body's natural metabolism. The greater our muscle percentage the higher our metabolic rate and, subsequently, the more calories we burn (even while sleeping).

The other disadvantage of this 3 day diet fad is that by not eating correctly we are actually programming our bodies to store fat. As soon as we begin eating normally again our bodies will begin 'stocking up' in preparation for the next fast!
Rather, a more sensible approach would be to eat more meals throughout the day (5 to 6 snacks/meals) but of smaller portions. This way we are actually 'hard-wiring' our bodies to get used to regular meals. Our bodies begin to get used to the fact the next meal is coming soon and will the burn meals quicker and more efficiently due to the fact that it will no longer be concerned about when the next meal is coming.

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Also, restricting one's intake of water is counter productive to fat loss as water is a metabolism boosting food. Drinking lots of water helps cleanse the body, encourages the kidneys to work more, which in turn takes some work load away from the liver, and the liver can now concentrate on one of it's very important functions: Fat burning!

The 3 day 10lb diet plan reality check: Some concerns

  • Nowhere is exercise mentioned or even recommended in the 3 day fad diet plan. Exercise is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and encouraging our organs, muscles, joints, blood, etc. to function properly.
  • As explained before, when using the 3 Day Diet plan the chances are very strong that the weight loss will be cancelled very quickly, including the very real danger of adding even more weight afterwards.
  • I'm not a big diet fan as weight loss is usually only temporary. Instead I believe in lifestyle changes. Don't do today what you won't feel comfortable doing for the rest of your life.
    People who make small changes over a longer period of time are proven to have much better results with long term weight loss and health improvements.
  • Any diet that limits proper fluid intake is not a healthy option.
  • Fasting style diets have been known to contribute to liver damage.

Our diet plan recommendation: Stick with a responsible diet program researched by professionals that won't damage your health. As you'll quickly discover, Jeff & Isabel from the Diet Solution Program know a lot about how to achieve fat loss, a healthy lifestyle, and make it stick.


Hopefully our review of the 3 day 10lb diet plan and subsequent recommendations can help you make healthier lifestyle choices.
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