Top 15 fat burning foods that naturally increase metabolism!

"Our top 15 fat burning foods that speed metabolism, burn belly fat and body fat. These power foods are high in nutrition, energy and fiber and low in calories..."

What's the criteria for powerful fat burning foods that speed metabolism?

Free List Of Low Calorie Foods

1) Some low calorie foods actually require more calories to be burnt by the body in order to digest the food than the calories the food contains. These foods are often referred to as negative calorie foods, low calorie foods or even zero calorie foods.
Of course there's no point in eating low calorie foods if they don't contain energy and health boosting vitamins minerals and fibers. Our Top 15 fat burning foods all contain powerful doses of nutrients too.

2) Metabolism boosting foods: Certain foods help boost the metabolic rate (the number of calories your body burns daily) by keeping insulin levels low. Low insulin levels increase metabolism naturally.

3) Some foods are good sources of lean protein. Lean protein requires more calories to be used during digestion than other foods that are rich in carbohydrates or fat.

4) Some foods are just freaks of nature that contain certain chemicals that boost your heart rate, brain and nervous system and naturally increase metabolism

Of course, with all things in life moderation is the key. A healthy well balanced diet consisting of all the different food groups is the cleverest choice. For more info see Athlete nutrition guidelines. Now to our top 15 fat burning foods...

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Our top 15 fat burning foods:

15) Chicken and turkey are great sources of metabolism-boosting protein. Protein helps build lean muscle tissue and, remember, muscle tissue burns more calories than fat does. More muscle = a higher metabolic rate.

milk fat burning Foods

14) Drink Milk (preferably low fat), it's rich in calcium which is a proven metabolic rate booster. University studies showed that dieters who consumed around 1,250 mg of Calcium daily lost almost twice the weight as those with a diet of less Calcium.
Milk is also rich in complex carbohydrates which help to keep your insulin levels low after eating (a good thing). When the body has high insulin levels it stores fat, so by keeping insulin levels low we can help increase metabolism naturally.

13) Low-fat yogurt has a good supply of protein, calcium and bacteria - great to naturally increase metabolism and improve digestion. The high levels of protein in yogurt means that you use up a lot of calories during digestion.

grain cereals oats fat burning Foods

12) Whole grain cereals and oats are great foods to speed up metabolism. Their complex carbohydrates keep your insulin levels low, and they are also rich in fiber so your digestive system will love the treat. They also break down slower so they don't cause the insulin spikes that other carbohydrates do.

11) Spicy foods like chiles and curries speed up your heart rate, boost metabolism, and cause your body to burn calories for hours after ingestion. The Jalapeno chile also contains Capsaicin a chemical that magnifies these metabolism boosting affects.
Other powerful metabolism boosting chiles are Habaneros and Cayenne Chiles.

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Hopefully our top 15 fat burning foods can give you some great ideas for fat burning recipes.
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In this article 'Top 15 fat burning foods'. These power foods speed up metabolism, burn more calories and lower insulin levels.
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