Best way to lose weight fast: Discover the top stomach flattening exercises, fitness routines fat burning foods and nutrition tips.

We have loads of helpful stomach flattening exercises, fat burning tips, fitness routines and healthy eating advice to help you realise what is the best way to lose weight fast for YOU. You will discover that the quality of info on our site is the very same that you would normally have to pay for in some weight loss, fitness or ABS exercises books.
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Getting the basics right

No matter what your starting point it's a good idea to get the basics right. Our correct height weight tables, BMI calculator chart and body fat index calculator can help you to set a realistic goal for your ideal body weight and shape.
We will explain how to calculate what daily calorie intake you will require based on the amount of calories burned during exercise routines.

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Discover hot nutrition, metabolism and diet tips

Why is nutrition important?
Learn some healthy fruit nutrition facts and fun fast food nutrition facts. Speed up your metabolism with our list of fat burning foods and free weight loss recipes (see the lemonade diet recipe and the 3day tuna diet).

Why is physical fitness important?

It can't all be about weight loss or muscle gain. These do not necessarily equate fitness. You need a healthy efficient engine to drive it all. And remember the better the engine works the quicker you achieve weight loss and muscle gain!

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Targeted (no fluff) exercise routines that are fun

Some wise words of advice regarding fitness and the best ways to lose weight:

1) Don't diet! Change your lifestyle. Do things that you know you can incorporate into your lifestyle. Do small things consistently rather than one massive effort for a few weeks.

2) Set realistic goals, visualize what you want to accomplish and by when.

3) Understand that most of the battle is going to be fought between your ears.

4) Adequate rest and sleep is crucial to replenish supplies and invigorate metabolism.

5) You have to reduce your stress levels! Practice meditation or yoga to keep a clear mind for your work & personal life.

6) Eat more often! Eat more meals a day, but eat smaller healthier portions.

7) Don't do Fad Diets (Fasting diets, crash diets etc.) They just slow down your metabolism!

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warming up stretching
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getting slim fat burning
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getting slim fat burning
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